Shabby chic bedroom


Shabby chic bedroom

The youngest, sophisticated, refined, rich and romantic — all this can be said about such a direction in interior design as shabby chic. The literal translation of the word «shabby» sounds like «shabby», which in no way means that the paint will lag behind on the walls, and the furniture will collapse from old age. The shabby chic style implies the presence of antique decor and furnishings that must be restored in the best possible way. This direction looks especially relevant in the bedrooms of young and romantic persons.

The role of color in a shabby chic bedroom

In the design of the sleeping room, only pastel colors of the following color palette are allowed:

  • pure white;
  • cream;
  • light lilac
  • light blue;
  • Ivory;
  • cream color and more.

All these shades are unusually gentle and beautiful, as if the walls have faded from time to time, but remained clean and tidy.

Shabby chic furniture

All furnishings must necessarily be vintage and antique, a kind of “shabby” chic. The use of furniture in the Baroque or Rococo style, with convex or carved ornaments, is welcome. Particular attention is paid to the bed, which can be either forged and have thin, elegant legs, or wooden, carved, painted in light colors.

Soft furnishings should also be antique, with white upholstery or a rose pattern. Crumpled rough covers on sofas, armchairs or chairs will give a shabby chic room deliberate carelessness and romance.

You should not litter the room with just old things, they should be just chic, interesting and time-tested. Minor defects can be eliminated using decoupage or hand painting. The color of wooden furniture is exclusively white. It can be diluted with golden angels, painted roses, or gold leaf patterns. Vintage furniture looks stunningly luxurious, on which the technique of artificial aging has been applied.

Textile elements in shabby chic design

Be sure to have a luxurious bedspread on the bed with a floral ornament, made in pastel colors. It will be quite relevant to decorate it with ruffles, draperies or openwork braid. Shabby chic pillows mean either white covers with roses embroidered on them, or pink ones with stuffed white angels.

Curtains should be chosen again, white, with roses or stripes. Decoration for windows simply has to be expensive and complicated. A variety of pelmets, folds, draperies and fabric cascades are recommended. Furniture surfaces should be covered with napkins and tablecloths made of guipure or hand-crocheted canvases.

Shabby chic interior decoration

Walls are usually either painted white, and this is done carelessly, or pasted over with wallpaper that has a pattern of peeling paint or plaster. It is possible to use smooth wallpaper with a pattern of angels, candelabra or roses. It is possible to decorate the walls with products made of polyurethane and gypsum.

The flooring is better to choose from natural wood or parquet, aged by artificial methods.

The ceiling should not be made pure white, it is better to give it a shade of yellowness caused by the aging of the coating. A shabby chic chandelier must be luxurious, gilded or crystal. It will be even better if it is decorated with angels and roses.

decorative elements

The room should be filled with a wide variety of light sources: table lamps with fabric lampshades and antique-style wall sconces. Antique clocks, mirrors, hats, porcelain dolls, vases with hand decoupage and other trifles should be placed everywhere.


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