Schoolchild’s corner

Schoolchild's corner

When equipping your child with a room, you need to remember that he spends a significant part of his time doing homework. Therefore, it is necessary to think over everything to the smallest detail in order to provide your child with maximum comfort and safety. When buying children’s furniture, the child’s age, gender, temperament and preferences are taken into account.

To date, our attention is invited to furniture for the children’s room of various variations, taking into account an individual approach to different types of requirements. Of course, the main requirement for a school corner is functionality, practicality and safety. To support the child’s stimulus to study, the corner for the student should be interesting and convenient.

The choice of furniture for the nursery is very wide, you can choose options for both small apartments and spacious rooms.

What rules should be followed when choosing?

The main part of the school corner is a table and a chair, it is desirable that the table be with drawers. When buying a corner for a student, you should pay attention that children’s furniture has certain parameters that must be commensurate with the growth of the child. With the growth of a student up to 1 m 30 cm, the chair should be 30 cm, and the table should be 52 cm, and when the child’s height is from 1 m 30 cm to 1 m 45 cm, then the chair should be at least 34 cm, and the table — from 58 cm. Properly selected children’s furniture of the school corner will allow you to maintain the correct posture for your child, as well as not spoil your eyesight. You also need to correctly install the table lamp, and on which side it depends on who your child is — left-handed or right-handed.

Also keep in mind that children grow up quickly. To solve this problem, manufacturers produce growing furniture that allows you to adjust the height of the chair and table and will last the child throughout the school period.

Another important factor when choosing furniture for a school corner is who you buy children’s furniture for: for a boy or for a girl. At the same time, mainly pay attention to the color palette of furniture. Of course, what is good for a boy is likely not to please a girl, and vice versa. The activity of the child is also taken into account — the more mobile the child, the more free space must be left in the room.

Types of children’s furniture for a student

If the children’s room is spacious enough, then you can install a collection set of furniture for the school corner. And if the room is small, then cabinet children’s furniture will do.

Such a kind of school furniture as a loft bed is very convenient and functional. Such a bed is made according to all safety rules, it has a side that is high enough to prevent the child from falling, it is also equipped with a ladder for the child to climb up.

The loft bed combines, in addition to the bed, a desktop, a lot of drawers and shelves. Children simply adore this kind of furniture and will be very grateful to you for such a purchase.

There is another option for children’s furniture for a small apartment, when you can use every extra centimeter. The optimal solution in this case is the corner version of school furniture. Basically, the corner is a desk. It is divided into two zones: a desktop for classes, and a place for a computer, which is always present in the children’s room. When the furniture is presented just in such a corner option, then it is possible to supplement the school corner with some other attribute, for example, a toy box, a horizontal bar or a Swedish wall.

Consult with the child when buying furniture, because he will have to use it.

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