Room design for children of different sexes

room design for children of different sexes

If your family is lucky enough to have two kids, and even of different sexes, this is a great joy, but it also means no small chores. The biggest difficulties usually arise with the space in the apartment, since not every family can afford to allocate a separate room for children. At the same time, older children will want to have a personal space, but there are difficulties with its organization. So, how to design a room for children of different sexes and at the same time provide each child with a personal space? More on that below.

Layout of a room for two children of different sexes

To create a functional full-fledged room, you need to properly plan the design of the room and skillfully arrange the furniture. As a rule, parents experience the greatest difficulty when installing the following furniture: a bed, a table and a wardrobe. How to arrange furniture in the nursery, while maintaining a lot of free space? There are several recommendations:

  1. Bed. The arrangement of the bed can be L-shaped or parallel or to the wall. Beds can still be placed along one wall behind each other, but on condition that they are separated by a cabinet or wardrobe. In this case, the children will better feel their own space and will not interfere with each other. A great option is a hanging bed that hangs over the desk with a visor. This will save space and be more fun for the kids.
  2. Table. Many parents, when buying furniture for a room for two children of different sexes, purchase two separate tables that take up a lot of space. If the room is small, then it is better to purchase a small folding table, and two chairs are included with it, so that the children do not stand in line to draw or do their homework.
  3. Cupboard. The best option is a closet. This furniture not only saves space, but also has many decor variations that you can choose yourself. A good option for storing clothes will also be a chest of drawers. It is not necessary for each child to buy a wardrobe. Lockers are usually not affected by turf wars.

In addition to the listed furniture, one should not forget about small functional bedside tables, poufs and other attributes. For a nursery, frameless furniture is perfect, which has a soft base and is stuffed with elastic material. Such furniture ensures that your children do not hurt themselves on it during active play and are safe.

The interior of the nursery for children of different sexes

The design of the bedroom for children of different sexes depends on how the beds are located in the room. If two beds are in the same functional area, that is, they are not separated by a partition / screen, then in the interior you need to combine several elements that are interesting to both the boy and the girl. You can use one little trick: paint the wall by the bed in a similar theme, according to the tastes of the children, but only with an emphasis on certain colors. Where the boy’s bed stands, intensify the blue and green tones, and decorate the girl’s sleeping area with a pattern in pastel colors. Thus, you will please every child and create two unique fairy-tale worlds in one room.

If you need to decorate a room for teenagers of different sexes, then one pattern above the bed is no longer enough. It is necessary to perform zoning of the room and break the room into several parts. Between the beds of a girl and a boy, it is better to install a drywall partition, which will give the children the opportunity to do their own thing or read a book with the lights on when the other is sleeping. Keep in mind that grown-up children are likely to be embarrassed by children’s paintings on the walls or curtains with bears, so decorate the room so that new repairs take a minimum of time and money.

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