Room design for a girl

girl room design

The design of a room for a girl is fertile ground for the implementation of bold and original interior ideas. Based on the character and preferences of the inhabitant, you can create a truly interesting design with an abundance of original and expressive details.

Most often, the interior ideas for a girl’s room gravitate towards two extremes — ultra-modern decor and pop art variations, or, on the contrary, nostalgic vintage. However, in fusion style, you can combine both directions by playing on the contrast of textures.

In general, the modern design of a room for a girl is a kind of three-dimensional scrapbook, in which all the passions and hobbies of the hostess are captured in one way or another. But, of course, the interior should also be practical.

In the case of a girl’s bedroom, the main question in terms of functionality is: where to store things? Especially when it comes to the design of a room for an adult girl with an extensive wardrobe.

The best solutions for storing things and accessories

A sliding wardrobe with a large number of sections and a built-in mirror is best suited for modern designs. Due to its functionality, such furniture will be comfortable in the interior of the room, even for two girls.

In vintage interiors, it is best to use antique or aged furniture, for example, a wardrobe and a dressing table. The atmospheric element of the furniture is a rack-hanger, it will especially please those for whom “the best wardrobe is a chair”. Furniture in the design of a bedroom for a girl can be independently designed — repainted, painted or decoupled, covered with craquelure varnish. A variety of stands for accessories and jewelry will be appropriate on the dressing table.

An alternative to furniture, especially relevant in the design of a small room for a girl, is a bracket built into the wall, hangers and several shelves and drawers. Under the dressing room, you can equip a small niche in the wall. You can hide an impromptu closet behind a beautiful curtain or screen, matched to the overall style of the interior. By the way, the unfurnished option is also good for its economy. If you can’t place the bracket on the wall in any way, use a purchased one, similar to those used in stores.

Of course, in the design of a girl’s bedroom, one cannot do without a mirror — preferably a large, full-length one. It, among other things, will balance the design of a small room for a girl, especially with an abundance of diverse surroundings and decorative details.

Textiles in the girl’s room

Textiles (curtains, bedspreads, pillows, tablecloths) also play an important role in the interior of a girl’s room. Even in minimalism, do not disdain bright colors, textured materials, a variety of patterns and prints. This will create a unique design and comfort in the room.

By the way, among the ideas that almost all girls will like, regardless of age, character and hobbies, is a canopy over the bed. It will be an expressive detail of the room design for a teenager girl. In order to equip a canopy, it is not at all necessary to understand complex structures — it is enough to attach a cornice slider to the shelf.

Also, when decorating a girl’s room, do not forget — most of the girls like to surround themselves with memorable little things, favorite symbols, just beautiful little things. To avoid clutter, you need to consider places for all these treasures — shelves, wall cabinets, shelving. It is good to attach a cork board to the wall, on which you can independently cling photos, pictures, notes.

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