Plastic panels in the bathroom

Plastic panels in the bathroom

Have you started a renovation in the bathroom, but do not know how to approach it? Do you associate tiles exclusively with the hospital? Do you want to save money and do everything as quickly as possible? Then plastic bathroom panels are exactly what you need. In this article we will talk about how this material differs, and what you need to know when buying and installing it.

For or against?

Plastic among builders is considered an ideal finishing material of an economy class: it is cheap, practical, and quite durable. From it, for example, excellent bathroom panels are obtained, resistant to moisture and high temperatures. Perhaps their main advantage lies in the ease of installation: you can forget about the long and methodical laying of tiles, as well as pre-treatment of the walls. Special care for them is also not required: it is enough to periodically treat them with a regular cleaning agent. Finally, with the help of such panels you can hide wiring, pipes and other elements that contradict the concept of your design. Among the shortcomings, experts call less than that of a tile, strength and insufficient environmental friendliness.

Secrets of choice

Bathroom wall panels are divided into several categories, so before going to the store, you should decide what exactly you want to see in your home. By type of coating, they can be matte and glossy, and by type of joint — seam and seamless. In addition, the panels can be decorated with a pattern. In this case, you have to choose whether it will be applied directly to the plastic or to a special film glued to the surface. In both cases, experts advise purchasing products from the same production batch in order to eliminate the possibility that their shade will differ.

When buying, carefully inspect the finishing material for scratches, dents and other damage. Pay special attention to stiffeners: the more of them, the longer the panels will last. At the same time, their front part should be perfectly even and smooth, the frame should not be visible or palpable. Examine the panels not only from the front, but also at an angle, and from the inside. Make sure the back is made from the same material as the front and is free of foreign inclusions. Do not be lazy and take a tape measure with you to the store: timely measurements will save you from possible inconsistencies in the future.

Fastening methods

Finishing the bathroom with plastic panels can be done in two ways: using self-tapping screws and special glue. Both methods have their adherents. In the first case, you will have to drill quite a lot of holes, but later you can very quickly return the room to its previous appearance — for this it will be enough to unscrew the screws. It should be noted, however, that this method is most likely not suitable for owners of small-sized «Khrushchev» and combined bathrooms, since the frame takes up a lot of space and narrows the already small space. The second option does not require much effort: you simply clean the work surface, degrease it, dry it and glue the panels. But do not forget that it will be extremely problematic to remove them after that. Are you sure of your choice? Then make sure that your walls are perfectly even and smooth, because all the flaws will be in full view.

Helpful Hints

Whatever installation method you choose, let the panels “lie down”: let at least a few days pass after the purchase. Installation work is best carried out at a temperature not lower than + 10 ° C. When installing panels next to heating appliances, do not forget about protective screens. That, in fact, is all. Follow these simple guidelines and you will have a beautiful bathroom.

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