Plasterboard ceilings in the hallway

Plasterboard ceilings in the hallway

Everyone knows that the entrance hall is the face of any apartment or house. From here we go to work in the morning and come back here every day. Therefore, it is simply obliged to have a decent appearance and make only a positive impression.

In any room, a plasterboard ceiling is always a piece of art. With it, you can create original lighting effects and give a variety of shapes.

How to choose the right plasterboard for the ceiling?

If we choose plasterboard for filing the ceiling in the hallway, then it can be ordinary gray plasterboard. You can also use combined sheets, in other words — sandwich panels. They are a sheet of drywall with insulation glued to it.

It must be remembered that the sheet thickness acceptable for ceiling cladding is no more than 9.5 mm. Otherwise, the whole structure may bend over time.

Plasterboard ceilings in the interior of the hallway

For small corridors, many designers recommend multi-level ceilings with clear graphic lines. A square or rectangle in the center visually expands the room and makes it more spacious. For a narrow and long room, several of these geometric shapes are suitable.

For a large hallway, drywall ceilings are suitable, both single-level and multi-level, with various shapes, patterns and many lights.

Nowadays, it has become very fashionable to make colored plasterboard ceilings in the hallway, because given the practicality of the plasterboard, creating such a masterpiece at home will not be a huge deal.

What is the niche on the plasterboard ceiling for?

This popular design solution serves to mask the cornice and install additional decorative lighting in any room. The width of a niche on a plasterboard ceiling is usually at least 20 cm, and the length depends on the length of the curtains themselves, and the depth is equal to the depth of the frame. To install the LED strip in the ceiling niche, the lower trim should protrude 5 cm beyond the frame.

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