Plasterboard ceiling in the hallway

Plasterboard ceiling in the hallway

Entering the apartment, a person immediately enters the corridor. Therefore, the overall impression of the home begins with this room. In the recent past, you made the ceiling white and smooth with the help of plaster and a spatula, and after a short time you saw with chagrin how ugly cracks crawled along the ceiling. Now you can get rid of this by making the ceiling in the corridor out of plasterboard. It is conveniently mounted (it can be easily bent and cut), durable, environmentally friendly and has good sound insulation.

There are two types of suspended plasterboard ceilings: single-level and multi-level. If you have an apartment with low ceilings and a small hallway, then a one-level ceiling design is exactly what suits you. A single-level plasterboard ceiling will make the surface absolutely smooth and even. Such a suspended structure can be equipped with built-in lights, and the design of your hallway will take on a modern look.

If you have high ceilings in the hallway, but the corridor itself is cramped and narrow, you can create a multi-level ceiling with straight graphic lines. Make a square or rectangle in the center of such a ceiling, and this will visually expand the room. There should be several such squares in a narrow and long corridor.

Plasterboard ceiling ideas

There are many options for the design of the plasterboard ceiling .. Turning on all your imagination, you can turn a simple hallway into a real masterpiece with the help of two-level ceilings and special lighting.

Do not forget that the ceiling must be in complete harmony with the rest of the decoration of the hallway. Then it will look light and airy, and spotlights will give the room a feeling of freshness.

Next to the brick walls, a two-level white ceiling with smooth curves will look stylish and elegant.

Using bright yellow and blue colors when creating a plasterboard structure on the ceiling in a spacious corridor, you can achieve the effect of a summer sunny day.

Your corridor will truly change after the original version of the plasterboard ceiling design appears in it.

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