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The oval is considered the perfect shape, symbolizing harmony and completeness. Oval carpets on the floor through the use of rounded lines soften the interior of the room, bring comfort and peace to it.

Varieties of oval carpets

The quality of the products are natural or synthetic.

Natural carpets are made from wool, silk and cotton. They are distinguished by the elasticity of the pile, long service life, durability, environmental friendliness, and the ability to retain heat. Wool products, in order to improve their practicality, are treated with a special composition against moths and pollution.

Oval carpets may vary in pile length. Short-haired products are more practical, and long-haired products are pleasant to the touch, soft and fluffy, it is warm to walk on them with bare feet and even sit down.

Synthetic oval carpets for the floor are made from polyester, polypropylene and viscose (artificial silk). They are distinguished by a rich choice of colors, durability, resistance to pollution.

The colors of the carpets are very diverse — classic, avant-garde, plain, landscape, with ornaments, images of animals, flowers.

The size of the oval rug can be chosen depending on the area of ​​the space to be covered. The most common now are small and medium rugs.

Oval carpets in the interior

An oval carpet plays a special role in the room in shaping the interior, it transforms the room. The oval makes the room more organic, smoothes the corners, focuses everything around it. The non-standard shape of the carpet makes it easy to change its location.

It is important to correctly place the product relative to other objects in the room. If you put it in the center of the room, you can make the interior more voluminous. It is easy to create zones in the room around the carpet by arranging furniture. You can highlight the entrance to the balcony by placing an oval rug there.

If the room has a fireplace, then it would be appropriate to lay a long-haired oval rug there and you can enjoy the bewitching flames even while sitting on the floor. Such a place will attract attention and bring the whole family together.

The product can repeat the shape of an expensive dining table in the dining room, and near the sofa and armchairs with the help of a carpet, it is easy to arrange a cozy seating area.

An oval carpet on the floor in the living room or hall creates a certain charm. In addition to it, you can use other oval objects — a table, an ottoman, a lighting fixture.

If the living room is decorated in a classic style, then you can choose a palace carpet, with a luxurious pattern model, a sophisticated rosette and elegant border options. For lovers of oriental motifs, colorful Persian, Iranian ornaments are suitable. Monochromatic models or abstract drawings fit more into a modern minimalist interior. Multi-level carpets with three-dimensional reliefs and ornaments, imitation of a lawn with vegetation, a seashore with pebbles look beautiful.

The successful form of a product allows to use it for the most various rooms. The conciseness of the oval looks great both in a spacious room and in a small room.

For a corridor or hallway, oval carpets with short loops are appropriate. And in the bedroom with bare feet it will be convenient to step on a long-haired carpet, oval models can be placed on both sides of the bed, near the dressing table or next to the closet. Colorful coverings in the form of an oval with cheerful drawings can please the kids in the nursery, decorate a cozy play area.

The beauty of the shape and color of the oval carpet will bring a new touch to the interior of the room, create an atmosphere of comfort and well-being.

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