Niche for TV

Niche for TV

There are many options for how to visually change the appearance of a room — using wallpaper or plaster of a completely new texture and color, replacing a furniture set, arranging stretch or suspended ceilings, installing partitions and plasterboard walls. The latter method is also interesting in that the owners of the house have the opportunity to mount functional and decorative niches in the rooms. They are easy to adapt to a variety of needs, eliminating the need to purchase additional furniture. In this article, we will consider not decorative shelves and recesses, but drywall TV niches that allow you to make the interior extremely stylish and modern.

Benefits of using a TV niche

Plasma TVs have a lot of advantages, they are unusually light and overall, but such a device is easy to push and break with careless handling. If the living room is equipped with a niche for a TV, then you will not only get rid of a bulky cabinet that takes up a lot of space, but also protect the expensive and beautiful TV receiver from accidental falling as much as possible.

The design and size of TV niches can vary greatly at the choice of the owner. When you have speakers, a tuner, a VCR with a collection of discs, and other extras, you can design your drywall structure to hide all of these things inside along with the wires.

How to arrange a niche for a TV?

It is not necessary to design a niche exactly in size for your TV. After a while, you may have a desire to purchase a device that has a longer diagonal, then it will not fit in the recess and you will have to do repair work again. It is better to leave some free space for the future by decorating the back wall with decorative plaster, artificial stone or other beautiful material.

The design of a niche for a TV, framed by a stucco frame in a different style, looks very good. If the decor is chosen well, then in this case it looks like an integral part of the space and an excellent interior decoration. You can go beyond just one niche for a TV receiver and mount a few more decorative recesses on the sides or top, where you install additional equipment, various vases, souvenirs and other items. As a result, an original architectural composition is formed, which will replace the cabinet, overall cabinet and several shelves.

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