Modern bathroom design


Modern bathroom design

It is advisable to approach the arrangement of this important room for each person very carefully and thoughtfully. Usually this room does not take up much space and it is quite easy to overload it with various extra furniture, household appliances and fixtures. The main thing to strive for is to create here a comfortable zone for relaxation and stress relief. The owners should completely relax in the bathroom, nothing should interfere with personal hygiene and take water treatments.

We create a bathroom interior in a modern style

  1. Plumbing. The appearance of the sink and bathtub dictate the style in this space. When planning this room, different types of plumbing are used. If you are trying to save space, then install corner plumbing. Think about how much you like to take a bath. Do you like showering more, and do you take other water procedures only occasionally? Then put a shower cabin, which will save a lot of space. A beautiful bath in such a room is not necessarily placed near the wall. Nothing prevents you from placing it on legs in the middle, creating a kind of center of attention. If you’re using a built-in bathtub, add a baffle to make it more inviting. Modern bathroom faucets. Most often, single-lever models are used that turn left or right to change the pressure and temperature of the liquid. Although the old «lambs» are still used by many users who prefer the classics. The most modern devices include thermostats, they limit the temperature of the water and you will never get burned. These stylish chrome products look great in a modern interior.
  2. Lighting. Lighting also plays an important role in this room. It should be not only bright, but also made in waterproof shades. Resident safety first! Consider whether it might be better to make different lighting for different times of the day. Near the mirror it is worth installing a separate lamp, which will be enough for applying makeup or shaving. Then several main spotlights can be installed on the ceiling to illuminate the entire room at night. If you have a large mirror on your wall, then you can install beautiful lighting around its perimeter, as Hollywood stars do.
  3. Modern bathroom decoration. Facing the floor and walls can spoil the whole look if you make a mistake with your choice. At its core, in this room, the walls and floor should not let moisture through. Modern bathroom tiles are still used to decorate the walls around the bathroom and sinks. It is versatile and well suited for both floors and walls. The wood can be covered with various protective coatings, but you will have to wipe it all the time so that it does not swell. That is why I still use traditional materials for decoration in bathrooms — stone, granite. Even a small room, they give an expensive and luxurious look.
  4. Modern bathroom ceiling. Painting and mosaic involves preliminary leveling of the surface. Therefore, suspended or hemmed structures are often used now. Drywall should be taken only moisture resistant. Slatted ceilings made of steel or aluminum are more resistant to various influences. These materials look great in a modern style. A beautiful stretch ceiling can also be an excellent choice. They come in different colors, besides, it is easy to integrate any modern lighting device here, embodying the most fantastic wish of the owners of the bathroom.

Room layout

Based on the size of your room, we choose the most optimal plumbing. If you have a large spacious bathroom, then this simplifies things, but when the room is narrow, you will have to buy a narrow pencil case instead of a huge closet, and pick up something simpler instead of a jacuzzi. This must be taken into account immediately when building or repairing. After all, plumbing and sewerage play a huge role in the bathroom. Any plumbing replacement will be expensive. If your room is long and narrow, place the plumbing in one row along the wall, which will simplify the installation of the pipeline. Install smaller sinks, make a door that opens outward or moves to the side. All these are trifles, but this is only at first glance, if you do the calculations, you will immediately see how much more spacious your small bathroom will become after this optimization.


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