Large carpets

large carpets

Large carpets on the floor look not only practical and solid, but also prestigious. They cover a significant part of a spacious room, being both a floor covering and an interior decoration. Carpets are made from inexpensive synthetic fibers, easy to care for or environmentally friendly natural materials.

Large carpet — luxurious floor

The shape of the carpet is different. A large round or oval carpet smooths out sharp corners, it will fit into the living room, hallway. With such a coating, the room looks much more comfortable.

The color of the coating is also important. A large white or light-colored carpet refreshes the room, makes the space cozier, visually enlarges it. A plain, long pile carpet will look light and airy, even in a modern setting with minimal furniture.

A large children’s carpet will provide warmth in the baby’s room, the safety of his movement. And modern bright coloring will become an accent in the interior, will give the child an inexhaustible source for games and fantasies.

Often there are large carpets in the bathroom, they have moisture-absorbing properties. The product provides a non-slip surface in the room and protects against the spread of water on the floor. The shape of the bathroom models has no limits. The carpet can look like a geometric figure, a flower, a shell, a coral, a pebble shore, a beautiful seabed with the necessary cutouts and ledges for plumbing.

Carpets of large sizes are plain or with ornaments. The large colored carpet has a rich edging along the edges and a large central pattern, which creates a visible contrast and the product looks rich and presentable. Due to the use of pile of different heights, a beautiful relief is created on the coating, real landscape compositions.

A large carpet is a great opportunity to show off your style and create a cozy atmosphere and comfort in the room.

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