Landscaping of a garden plot with a log house


To make a suburban or personal plot look beautiful, you need to build an attractive and original house. Timber, as a natural, natural material, is distinguished by its natural attractiveness, therefore it often does not require additional finishing. Prices for projects of houses from a bar from Kostroma are affordable, because everyone can afford such a construction site. But you need to think about the design of the site after the construction of the building.

But it is not enough to build a beautiful house. I also want to decorate the garden so that it would be nice to spend time with family and friends there. Species of wildlife will give pleasure if they are correctly arranged. Almost any landscape design ideas are suitable for a log house. But natural materials will look especially good.

What are the design options for a plot with a log house

It all depends on the size of the area and the building itself. If the house is large, takes up enough space, and there is not much free space, you can simply equip a compact recreation area. This is a brazier, a gazebo, a spacious swing, if space permits — a playground.

For a large garden, the following options are good:

  • The fountain. A beautiful water feature will decorate any yard. It can be made quite small, modest, and even in this case it will add freshness and create a special, natural microclimate.
  • Wooden benches. Timber is a natural material, therefore it is logical that wood goes well with it, and when it is used on the site, a harmonious picture will be created. From wood, you can create decks and terraces around trees. This solution is especially convenient when there is not enough free space in the garden.
  • Garden path. It can become not only functional, but the main element of landscape design. This is not always an expensive option — often arranging a site in this way is cheap. For example, if you choose a simple tile with pebbles, and fill the voids with crushed stone or expanded clay.
  • Rattan armchairs. They will become good components of the recreation area. They can be placed or made suspended. This is not only convenient, but also aesthetic and stylish way of design.
  • Paving slabs. Inexpensive, but convenient and versatile option for decoration.

Green spaces are also involved in landscape design. For example, a hedge looks very beautiful on its own, or in combination with large or small flower beds, flower beds.

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