It’s outdated: 5 ideas for open storage in an apartment that you shouldn’t use

Which open storage solutions are obsolete? Told in video

one Shelves lined with books

A few decades ago, books were hard to come by and there were few interior decorations in stores. Therefore, the tradition took root to fill the open shelves on the wall or in the bookcase with dense rows of books — it looked impressive and expensive. Now this approach is losing relevance: publications of different sizes and with multi-colored covers create visual noise. In addition, dust accumulates on the shelves, and in order to wipe it, you need to spend several hours rearranging books back and forth.


How is it better?

The approach to the home library should be reconsidered:

  • Sell ​​books that are not in use or put them in boxes and put them in a bookcase.
  • Arrange the rest of the books on the shelves, but not too tightly. Let there be free space between them and a place for decor or indoor plants.
  • If you have a minimalistic monochrome interior, make false covers for books (for example, from craft paper).

2 Warehouse of things on a chest of drawers

The surface of a chest of drawers is an ideal place to keep something you need close at hand: for example, keys, phone charger, jewelry, perfume. At the same time, I want to put something beautiful there: a plant in a pot, candles, a couple of books. As a result, the entire surface is forced. This complicates cleaning, and the composition as a whole looks chaotic.


How is it better?

As an experiment, leave the dresser empty. Then hang a couple of cute miniature posters on the wall above it. Then arrange two or three stylish and noticeable accessories on it. Most likely, already at this stage you want to stop. And all other things can be laid out in boxes or boxes.

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3 Everything you need on your desk

It so happened that the desk is not perceived as a work surface, but rather as an additional place to store office supplies, books and documents. The more items on the countertop, the less aesthetically pleasing the workplace looks. Working in such an environment is also uncomfortable.


How is it better?

Minimize the storage function on the table — it is better to supplement it with a bedside table or a rack with drawers for closed storage of small things.

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four Decor on the kitchen countertop

Often they try to make the kitchen cozier with the help of decor: beautiful cookbooks, vases, wooden objects, etc. All this is placed on the countertop, interferes with cooking, is covered with dust and splashes of oil from the stove.


How is it better?

Therefore, at least for practical reasons, it is better to refuse such a kitchen decoration — all the more there are a lot of other ideas:

  • Posters and photos on the wall near the dining group.
  • Open shelves on a free wall. Just there you can arrange books and other cozy little things.
  • Color accents. For example, bright chairs in the kitchen space look more spectacular than a countertop filled with patterned decor.
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5 Shoes on the floor in the hallway

It is difficult to find an apartment in which there would be no shoes on the floor in the hallway. This is the result of several factors at once: a deeply ingrained habit, the difficulty of organizing storage in a small area, and the desire to simplify collections.


How is it better?

In order not to clutter up the hallway, buy a small shoe rack or place a bench with a drawer along the wall where shoes usually lie. It will become more convenient to change shoes, and the hallway will look neater.

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