Initially, the main function of the headboard was to protect against drafts in dank and damp palace bedrooms. Of course, now, in the days of central heating and thermal insulation, this function has faded into the background. Now the most important thing is the aesthetic component. A beautiful headboard sets the tone for the entire bedroom and plays a very important role in interior design. Although it can bring some practical benefits even now — for example, a headboard with a storage function allows you to keep your favorite books and various little things next to the bed that may come in handy.

To make it easier to decide on the design of the head of the bed, take into account the following tips:

  1. Think about what kind of headboard you would like to see in your bedroom at the stage of choosing an interior style. This will give you the key to choosing the rest of the details for the desired design, as the bed usually reflects the trends of a particular era quite accurately and can be the basis for creating an atmosphere. If you are furnishing a room according to Feng Shui, the head of the bed should be positioned so that when lying on the bed, you can see who enters the room. There are also many superstitions associated with the location of the bed relative to the cardinal points, doors and windows. It doesn’t matter if you are a feng shui fan or believe in folk omens, if it’s important for you where the head of the bed will be, it’s better to start planning by determining a place for it.
  2. Stick to a budget. Remember that a bed with an intricate wrought iron or elegant leather headboard will cost more than regular wood. Sometimes the creation of a bedroom interior begins with the discovery of a charming bed in one of the furniture stores. Of course, it is very important that the furniture in the bedroom makes you delight. And yet, if you are not sure if you can afford to buy other pieces of furniture in the same style and from the same materials, take a little pause to think.
  3. The height of your headboard makes a huge difference in two cases — if your ceilings are very low and if they are so high that you don’t know how to fill the space from the top of the furniture to the ceiling. In the first case, of course, you should choose a low headboard. In the second, you can not only take a bed with a high headboard, but also artificially lengthen it by adding matching pillows or shelves from the same material on top.
  4. Decide which headboard is more comfortable for you — soft, so that it is comfortable to lean on it and without pillows, or hard, to achieve the effect of severe elegance and modernity in its purest form. Leather falls into both categories, but it gives a rather specific look to the interior, which deprives this material of the versatility that is inherent, for example, in wood.
  5. Get creative. Even a boring bed that moves with you from apartment to apartment can be revived by hanging something unexpected and original in the headboard. Anything can serve as unusual options — from an old door to an installation from children’s drawings or a map of the world with marks in places of travel.
  6. Look through a million options before making your final choice. It happens that it seems that the bed of your dreams has already been chosen, and suddenly you stumble upon an idea that you like so much that you can change the whole interior for it. Looking through the various interior options, you can see what effect the headboard has on the overall look of the room and what combinations best suit your inner sense of style and sense of beauty.


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