Hallway design in a private house


Hallway design in a private house

The hallway is the calling card of the house. Visitors see it first at the entrance, it forms the mood and often sets the mood for the interior of the entire apartment. That is why the design of the hallway in the house must be thought out as carefully as possible. What will she be? Restrained or luxurious, dark or light, complex or simple. It all depends on the area and placement of the hall.

Unfortunately, the halls in prefabricated houses do not please with a large area and complex layout. All of them are quite standard, so the most necessary furniture is placed there: a wardrobe with a mirror, a hanger, a cabinet and some kind of dressing table or table. But the design of the hallway in a private house provides more room for imagination, as the room is more spacious and interesting. How to beautifully decorate the interior of the hall and fit it into the overall concept of the home? More on that below.

Interior design of the hallway in the house

Even in a private house, the entrance can be of different shapes and sizes. For each case, you need to choose a special interior.

If the hallway is elongated, then it can be divided into 2 parts: the hall itself and the entrance area. A door can be installed between them or visually separated by different walls or floors. At the entrance, the floor is decorated with tiles and linoleum, and carpet or parquet boards are laid in the hall. A pair of steps separating the entrance from the hall looks good. The entrance room is decorated with cabinets with mirrored facades, and the hall is decorated with a wall shelf with a pull-out ottoman. If the width allows, then install an armchair, a compact table, a figurine or a large vase. Such zoning will make the hall a full-fledged room of the house, so you need to decorate it in the general style with the apartment.

When the hallway is small, you need to use stylistic tricks to increase the space. The most difficult, but effective way is to make an extension that will increase the room to the desired size. If there is no desire to mess with building materials, then you can simply use functional furniture. An effective way is to make a wide arched opening without a door.

For lovers of space, designers offer to completely remove the walls and only visually highlight the entrance area. This is done using a multi-level floor and ceiling, lighting, different wall decor. In this case, opening the door, guests will immediately enter the house. Why not an original approach?

Hallway styles

Should I start with general mood or practicality? This question often worries those who have begun to equip their own home. Designers offer several stylistic solutions that will help you decorate the hallway in your home:

  1. vintage style. Now it is fashionable to decorate homes with retro things. To do this, you need artificially aged cream or white furniture. Replace a large wardrobe with a multi-level chest of drawers or atmospheric «grandmother’s» chests. Checks, polka dots, natural prints and stripes should be combined with the smooth lines of the furniture.
  2. Scandinavian style. Based on practicality and rigor. This mood is set by the complete lack of finishes, except for expensive flooring. Wardrobe, hangers and cabinets are selected strictly in the same color in the same style.
  3. Country style. So it suggests itself for the design of the hallway in a wooden country house. Its undeniable cosiness and simplicity are easy to embody, and over time these qualities will become more charming. If you choose a wardrobe, then stop at a massive bivalve with rough carvings on the doors. Make the walls brick or create an imitation of a board. Put a woven carpet on the floor, and replace the metal hangers with cast-iron hooks.
  4. Modern style. Strikingly different from the styles listed above. The reference point for the interior should be smooth silhouettes, the use of glass and metal, and elegant carvings. Choose wallpaper with a floral pattern that can be repeated on curtains, chair upholstery, pillows.

Choosing one of the styles, be guided by your own preferences and money. So, the Art Nouveau style will cost much more than to implement the Scandinavian style.


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