Furniture for newborns

furniture for newborns

There are many possibilities for arranging a room for a small inhabitant of the planet. You can purchase a complete bedroom set, but it is better to assemble it yourself, using only the most necessary items. The latter method of assembly is the most profitable, since baby furniture costs the same as a set for adults, and lasts a much shorter period.

Why such high prices? It’s simple, children need environmentally friendly and durable material. And these are valuable types of wood, non-allergic textiles. Moreover, a lot of manual labor to recreate the angelic charm of childish purity and innocence.

Furniture set for a newborn

Designers initially equip many collections of children’s furniture with everything necessary, including textiles, which significantly increases the purchase price. The kit usually includes a baby crib, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe for clothes and a changing table. And if the dresser and wardrobe last longer, then the changing table and baby bed will be irrelevant in two or three years, as soon as your baby grows up a little.


First of all, a nursery for a newborn will not do without a crib for a baby. This is the most important item in a child’s bedroom. It is difficult to imagine a crib without an air canopy, sides that do not allow a restless baby to fall out of his bed. And bed linen, like an air cloud, demonstrates a holiday in the soul of young dads and moms.

What furniture is needed for a newborn?

Let’s first figure out whether this very special furniture is needed at all or not? Let’s start with the bed. This part of the furniture set, of course, is necessary. In the end, after your baby grows up, you can use it as a dumping ground for soft toys.

But here is the second item — a changing table, is it really necessary? A more rational decision may be to purchase a chest of drawers, suitable in height in order to use its top instead of the ill-fated table. There are options for chests of drawers with a screw-on changing table, which can later be eliminated as unnecessary.

By the way, you can forget about the arena. He really is a completely unnecessary thing. Especially if there is already a crib with high sides.

What do you think of the lounge chair? A great thing, especially in a large apartment. Most models are suitable from the first days of a baby’s life. The child can be comfortably positioned in the chair, and he will constantly see his father and mother, even if they are busy with household chores.

Furniture for a newborn boy

Have you had a son? It is not necessary to select furniture specifically for the boy. She’s unisex at her age. But to note that a boy is growing up in your nursery, choose the right color scheme. Blue or green tones are fine. Other colors should not be excluded either, they should just be a little less.

And the wall by the crib can be decorated with cars, airplanes, steamboats and other images of boyish nature.

White furniture for newborns

To say that there are differences in assembly and technology in white furniture is not. So why is it better to buy it? And white transforming furniture is generally a brilliant solution.

Transformers generally serve for a very long time because of their ability to adapt to the wishes of the mother and child, and to a certain age. And the color is good because at any moment, having changed the scenery, you get a completely different interior, different from the previous one. You do not need to make repairs or buy other furniture.

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