Curtains that block out light

Light blocking curtains

There are situations when you want to lie down to relax in the daytime or watch a movie, and the sun is shining brightly outside. In these cases, curtains on the windows that do not let in sunlight will help. In winter, they will protect you to some extent from the cold and drafts. At night, such curtains will not let the light of street lamps or the flickering of a traffic light outside the window into the room.

What curtains do not let in light?

To keep the light out, the curtain should be made from a medium to heavy weight fabric. Often, to enhance the light-shielding effect, the curtain is made with a lining. The following materials can serve as material for curtains that do not transmit light:

  • velvet — royal matter, having a short dense pile on the front side. It is made from silk, cotton threads and viscose. It may look different depending on the angle of view.
  • silk — dense natural non-creasing fabric, the use of a lining increases the light-shielding properties of the material;
  • wool — sheep yarn is used for its manufacture, it has excellent light and sound protective properties;
  • moire — fabric with a beautiful iridescent sheen, often used in original blinds;
  • brocade — dense material with patterns similar to embroidery. Long curtains with lush folds and frills will look chic and will perfectly protect from the sun;
  • Damascus — silk fabric with shiny and matte patterns is often used in blinds and curtains;
  • atlas — a material in which silk is present in combination with linen or cotton. Drapes well and protects from light. Curtains look especially impressive thanks to the shining face of the fabric;
  • blackout — a synthetic material made of polyester fibers, is the most popular fabric that does not transmit light, providing one hundred percent light protection. During production, the fabric is treated with several layers of acrylic foam. A two-layer material is used to make a lining, and roller blinds are made from a three-layer material.

Thick curtains that do not let in light can be of different types: classic and Austrian, French and Japanese, roller and Roman.

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