Curtains in the nursery for a girl

Curtains in the nursery for a girl

Every mother tries to make her child’s room the most comfortable, beautiful and safe place in the house. Women who have a daughter are especially reverent about this. After all, there is an opportunity to make your childhood dreams come true, to walk with a small child through shops and salons in search of extremely important interior items. A huge share of attention in this matter is given to the curtains in the nursery for the girl. In addition to making the fabric natural and fireproof, there are many recommendations that will allow you to turn an ordinary room into a fairy-tale castle or Cinderella’s carriage with the help of textile window decoration.

What should be the options for curtains for a newborn baby?

If the room is set aside for the habitation of a girl who has just been born, then in the process of choosing curtains, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • preference is given to plain light fabrics that would be in harmony with the rest of the textile elements in the room: a chair for mom, protection in the arena or carpet;
  • curtains must be made of natural material, but you need to understand that such products are very demanding to care for;
  • in order to be able to create the conditions necessary for sleep and wakefulness of the child, it is worth thinking about purchasing Roman or roller blinds, which easily regulate the ingress of sunlight.

Curtain design for a preschooler’s children’s room

It is at this age, if not earlier, that it is already necessary to listen to the opinion and wishes of the girl, especially when it comes to her personal space. So, for example, if a preschooler is a fan of a cartoon or loves animals and plants of a certain species, then you need to work together to select curtains with the appropriate print. The main tips regarding the choice of curtains in the bedroom of a preschool girl are as follows:

  • the color of the curtains can be the most diverse, but you need to remember that acid shades can irritate the child, while too dark ones let in little sunlight, but save them from street lights and prying eyes. No need to dwell on blue or faded colors either;
  • the choice of pattern should also be correlated with the general style of the entire room. It can be flowers, men, animals, butterflies or just an abstraction, the main thing is that the owner of the bedroom likes the print and is not too intrusive. It is very important to complement the curtains with a variety of beads, pickups and other decorative elements;
  • it is necessary to give preference to natural materials that do not cause a static effect and do not accumulate dust. Organza, taffeta and its cotton counterpart are ideal options.

Curtains for a child’s teenage girl

Usually at this age the child already has his own personal opinion, which is absolutely not subject to discussion and criticism of adults. The girl knows for sure what she wants, and her parents can only help arrange her room in accordance with her wishes. Of course, you don’t need to completely follow the lead of the child, just try to select analogues. So, for example, it is necessary to completely eliminate curtains with children’s patterns, replacing them with either romantic organza and taffeta, or a versatile beige fabric with elegant ties.

If possible, it is necessary to involve the child in the design of curtains for a children’s girl, take into account her opinion, seek compromises, take into account wishes and possibilities. This will provide an opportunity to teach the baby good taste and instill a sense of beauty.

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