Curtains in the children’s room

Curtains in the children's room

You need to look closely at the curtains in the nursery in advance, before you start designing the room itself. And watch the children’s reactions. After all, it is in childhood that a person’s taste is often formed.

Avoid curtains made of heavy fabric. It doesn’t matter what colors they are, most importantly, the fabric for curtains in the nursery should be airy and light. For the density of the curtains often negatively affects the atmosphere of the room, making it heavier.

Looking for the best

When choosing curtains for a nursery, your eyes simply diverge from the cornucopia of various fabrics and colors. Only a methodical approach to the selection process will help you find the right option.

Think about the purpose for which you hang curtains in the children’s room. Is it just to decorate the room or is it still to prevent drafts? Think about whether you (or your child) will open the curtains, admire the beautiful view from the window. Or vice versa, try to hide the unflattering landscape from the eyes of your child. Sometimes it is worth draping the fabric on the eaves for soundproofing and you can not draw the curtains.

It is also worth paying attention to the proportions of the children’s room, the upholstered furniture present here, the functionality of the room itself. Do you want the curtains on the windows to be modest and softly elegant or bright and eye-catching? Lined curtains will act as soundproofing, but are harder to clean. And simple curtains are suitable if the children’s room is a playroom.

Curtains up to the window sill in the children’s room go well with country style if the windows are recessed into the walls or in modern new buildings with horizontal windows. At the same time, short curtains in the nursery barely touch the window sill.

You can drape the curtains below the window sill with interceptions or strings, otherwise they will not look too good. But the curtains should not touch the heating radiator.

Cafe curtains close the window at the bottom, while leaving the top access to sunlight, which can also be good for a child’s room.

Types of curtains for the nursery

Let’s start with Roman blinds for the nursery. A number of advantages of cascading Roman blinds without a rod. They are practical, look great where ordinary curtains do not look at all, are easy to use, suitable for decorating even the most complex windows in size or height. It is possible to decorate the bottom edge with feathers, cords, fringes or scallops. In a word, they are perfect for a child.

Not bad fit into the children’s roller blinds. Maximum lighting control is possible. From complete pitch darkness to light twilight.

Such curtains are most often found in offices. But who said that you cannot hang them (like blinds) in your home and, in particular, in the children’s room? The fabrics of such curtains are absolutely dust-repellent, anti-static. All these factors will make them easy to care for and incredibly practical. There are even black-out fabrics that are completely impervious to sunlight. There are several types of roller blinds: free-hanging, cassette and mini.

Children’s curtains with Disney pictures are suitable for young children, preschool or primary school age. What kid wouldn’t be happy to have Goofy, Donald Duck and Porky Pig dancing on their curtains?

Curtains in a marine style are suitable for a nursery for a child who loves, say, «Pirates of the Caribbean» or dreams of becoming a sailor. The color of the sea wave, in principle, is calming, has a beneficial effect on the psyche.

In the nursery for a teenager, curtains are selected according to the same criteria as for a smaller child. Although it is possible to offer a growing child to choose for himself.

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