Curtains for the nursery


Curtains for the nursery

The right curtains for the nursery

The choice of curtains is always an exciting stage in the arrangement of your home, and in the case of the selection of curtains for a nursery, it is also extremely responsible. Since the children’s room plays an important role in shaping the personality of the child, it is very important to think over the whole situation, including the curtains, to the smallest detail.

What you need to remember when choosing curtains for the nursery?

  1. They must be made from natural materials.
  2. Should be easy to maintain.
  3. Should not be dark or grey.
  4. The brighter the furniture in the room, the calmer the colors of the curtains.

Curtain design for the nursery

When thinking about the design of the curtains that you plan to hang in the nursery, remember that complex draperies are not desirable in the baby’s room, because they accumulate dust, and heavy curtains can be unsafe if you do not have the most reliable curtain rod. Do you like the now fashionable lambrequins in the shape of hearts and clouds? Be sure to choose a solid color curtain fabric. In our opinion, the best option would be a bright fabric of a simple texture and a simple shape of curtains. If the child is small, it makes sense to choose short curtains for the nursery. And the younger the child, the more attention will have to be paid to safety.

Curtains for girls

Few of the parents neglect the tradition of decorating the curtains in the nursery for the girl from transparent fabric in pinkish pastel colors. There is nothing wrong with the desire of parents to create a fairy-tale world for their beloved baby. Do not forget only that the older your girl becomes, the more she knows the world, the more original the interior of her room should become. Don’t faint if she opted for riveted curtains trimmed with black fringe, remember this is her room, her way of expressing herself. But these are extremes, most teenage girls feel great if the design of the room and curtains is in high-tech style.

Curtains for boys

If the fantasy when choosing curtains for a girl’s nursery is always limited by the image of a little princess, then the variety of curtains for a boy’s nursery is still greater. You can decorate it in a pirate style, a football and volleyball theme is also suitable, and cartoon characters can unobtrusively accompany your boys until they come of age.


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