Curtains for the balcony

Curtains for the balcony

Sometimes we want to turn the balcony into another room. And if it is already glazed, you should think about curtains or curtains. And what should be the curtains for the window of a room with a balcony?

Curtains for balconies

If the balcony is a continuation of the kitchen, it can be adapted for a pantry or, if it is large, put a table and chairs — you get a whole veranda. And they will assemble the interior curtains.

bamboo blinds

Bamboo blinds are perfect for a kitchen with a balcony, they are economical, like plastic ones. But plastic absorbs odors, can change color. But bamboo will not only decorate the kitchen, but also refresh it, to some extent neutralize various aromas. Only the dust will have to be cleaned from them often.

Roller blinds or roman blinds

If you are not satisfied with constant cleaning, purchase roller blinds or Roman blinds. A rich assortment will help you choose the ones that suit you best. They go well with thin curtains from various fabrics. You can attach options for curtains to them — long and short, which will only enrich the design. Such a solution also fits into the framework of a design project called «Curtains in a room with a balcony» for a living room or other room. These curtains are made from natural and synthetic materials and are very easy to care for.

Japanese curtains

These curtains will decorate any room with an oriental style balcony. But no matter what choice you make, there should not be a dark color.

We choose lighter

Light materials do not heat up so much in the sun, which means that the adjacent room will not suffer from heat and will not be darkened. It is even worth picking up curtains or curtains lighter than in the room itself. And from fabrics it is better to choose tulle or organza, you can use a veil.

And how to hang curtains on the balcony? Either you have to attach a cornice, or just drive in nails. And if these are curtains, it is better to read the instructions that come with them.

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