Curtains for a teenager

Curtains for a teenager

Curtains play an important role in the interior design of any room. They should protect the teenager’s room from bright sunlight, and also help create a comfortable and cozy environment here.

Curtains for a teenage boy

In a room for a teenager, designers are advised to choose curtains made of thick fabric. After all, the boy’s outdoor games can damage the fragile fabric of the curtain. If you decide to decorate the window with a lambrequin, then it is better if it is rigid, and the pattern on it should correspond to the general theme of the room design. These can be various robots, cars, motorcycles, ships, computer graphics, etc.

An ideal option for decorating a window would be Roman or roller blinds, with which it is very convenient to change the level of illumination in the boy’s room. You can decorate the window in the children’s room with curtains on the grommets, which easily move along the eaves and look very beautiful.

Curtains for a teenage girl

The design of curtains for a teenage girl should be consistent with the overall style in this room. For example, curtains made of light fabrics with elegant draperies, tiebacks, swags and lambrequins are suitable for a classic children’s room. And the Art Nouveau style is characterized by silver, purple, gray curtains, decorated with stylized images of birds, plants and flowers. Minimalism is characterized by airy light fabrics on the curtains. A beautiful combination of curtains with pleated blinds is perfect for a girl’s room.

Many growing girls will like curtains with a pelmet or two-layer curtains on the grommets, curtains decorated with rhinestones or Roman blinds. Actual shades for curtains in the girl’s room are apricot, blue, terracotta, pale pink. If the children’s room is small, then it is better to choose translucent light curtains in neutral shades for window decoration.

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