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The overall impression of interior design depends not only on global objects, but also on small things that are not immediately visible, but at the same time play a big role in arranging housing and giving it an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. Curtain rods can be attributed to such details — after all, no one will argue that without them it is impossible to fully decorate the interior?

What are curtain rods?

The classification of these products is usually carried out according to such criteria as: method of fastening, material of manufacture and design features.

So, according to the method of fastening, all curtain rods can be divided into ceiling and wall. You need to choose one or another type, given the material for finishing the ceiling and walls. If the ceiling is stretched, and you have not provided a niche for attaching the cornice in advance, only the wall mount option will remain. Also, the choice will depend on the style of the interior and the curtains themselves.

It must be said that ceiling cornices allow you to visually increase the height of the ceiling, since the curtain fabric will flow from somewhere from the very top, creating a chic illusion of height and infinity.

As for the material of manufacture, the most popular are wooden, forged and plastic curtain rods. There are also combined products using several materials at the same time.

The choice of material will largely be dictated by the style of the room. So, wooden cornices are suitable for classic and rustic interiors, while metal and plastic should rather become a continuation of modern styles like hi-tech and modern. However, forging can be an excellent decoration of the Gothic style.

We have come to the most interesting moment — the choice of the design and appearance of the cornices. Depending on this parameter, these can be round and profile cornices for curtains, string, flexible ceiling, semicircular, baguette, single-row and double-row, straight and corner.

Separately, it should be said about sliding curtain rods for Japanese curtains and curtain rods with a mechanism for Roman or English curtains. The former are rails with 1 or 2 guides and tracks, along which the canvases move in one or both directions, controlled manually or by a rope mechanism.

The technology of opening Roman and London blinds requires the presence of special devices in the eaves with a rope drive or a rotor with a chain. It can also be a closed cassette cornice control system with a chain.

Accessories and decoration of cornices

Particularly noteworthy are special accessories for cornices, which complement them and emphasize the overall style. Today, there is a wide range of them on sale. These are all kinds of tips and handles for moving curtains. They are not only part of the decor, but also perform their practical functions.

If you follow the advice of designers, you need to select the tips for the style of the brackets, which, in turn, must fit into the overall style of the room.

In addition to these accessories, the technique of highlighting the niche in which the ceiling cornice is hidden is often used. This becomes possible with multi-level plasterboard or stretch ceilings. This soft LED lighting creates an intimate atmosphere and can be used alone or together with the main lighting in the room.

Another way to hide the place where the curtains are attached is to hang a baguette cornice. It can be inlaid with carvings, decorated with gilding, imitation of leather, marble, fabric, or be decorated with veneer of one or another type of wood. This technique can greatly decorate the room in general and the window opening — in particular.


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