Corridor in Khrushchev

corridor interior in Khrushchev

The corridor is just a passage area, connecting the rooms of the dwelling with the outside world. In Khrushchev, most often the corridors are very narrow. Here and the rooms are tiny, what can we say about the corridor!

The apartment begins in the corridor (and Khrushchev is no exception), which is not always possible to reschedule, and often irrational, but good design is quite appropriate. How to design a corridor in Khrushchev without special costs, but with taste?

Helpful Hints

Finishing with artificial stone, stucco cornices, plastic or wooden wall panels — all this hides the space. The corridor is already narrow here, even microscopic, so none of the above is suitable here. Even a large picture or photograph in a shabby cramped corridor will look completely ridiculous.

For the interior of the corridor in Khrushchev, the only big thing is suitable — a mirror. The sliding wardrobe with mirrored doors is incredibly functional and attractive. Not only will it allow you to admire yourself in full growth, but also visually expand the space.

To finish the corridor in Khrushchev, you can use a mirror glossy stretch ceiling. The damage to the budget will be minimal, and how visually the space of the corridor will increase! In a word, the mirrored ceiling will become your figurative window to Europe.

A great idea for a corridor in Khrushchev is a tile with a mirror surface. It turns out just the same cabin of a spaceship! Mirrors on the floor will look into the mirror ceiling — a breathtaking effect. In general, mirrors visually expand the room, besides, usually, before leaving the house, we all do not mind looking into it.

Create a unique effect of LED lighting on the floor and ceiling. You can achieve a similar effect by placing glossy photographs in front of a mirror (frames can also be purchased backlit). Images should not be too small, as we will look at them through the surface of the mirror.

The space will seem narrower if you lay out the floor with too small or large tiles. You should stop at medium sizes.

If you do not want to use tiles on the floor, you can lay carpet.

Wallpaper for the corridor in Khrushchev should be kept in bright colors. Colors such as gray, beige, yellow, blue, light green are welcome.

We wish you good luck, and let the corridor in your Khrushchev become the corridor of your dreams!

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