Blinds for plastic windows

blinds for plastic windows 0

Curtains-blinds for plastic windows are a convenient and practical type of sun-protection decor. They can be divided into several types — horizontal and vertical blinds, roller blinds or Roman blinds. The design of the curtains is more comfortable, they accumulate less dust and are easier to clean. Such a product is distinguished by its simplicity of design, it consists of a cornice and a strip of fabric.

Curtains-blinds on the windows — beautiful and practical

There are three types of roller blinds — open, closed and «day and night». Closed-type products are more elegant, fabric guides on the sides prevent them from sagging, the fabric roll is closed with a box. In open type curtains, the fabric is wound on a shaft, this is the simplest design of fabric blinds.

In the day-night blinds for plastic windows, the main elements are two canvases that are parallel and have transparent and opaque stripes. By moving the fabric, you can adjust the width of these segments and get the desired level of illumination.

Popular Roman blinds for plastic windows are folded with elegant horizontal folds, decorating windows both from the outside and from the inside.

Classic Roman blinds consist of an even piece of fabric, which, when raised, forms even wide folds of matter. Cascading Roman blinds, even when unfolded, have cascading stripes of texture. This option looks more elegant due to the beautiful drapery.

The choice of material for curtains is large — from transparent canvases for decorating a window to a dense fabric that performs a sun-protective function.

Roman and roller blinds, thanks to the variety of designs, will suit any interior.

Fabric blinds, regardless of their design, are simple and easy to use. They reliably close the windows from sunlight and decorate the appearance of the room.

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