Bedroom interior in classic style

bedroom interior in classic style

Cozy and chic classic style will always be relevant. It cannot be called modern or very fashionable, but the design of bedrooms in a classic style is timeless and will always be one of the best ways to decorate a room for sleeping and relaxing.

The interior of the bedrooms in a classic style: the main features

The room should look cozy and majestic. At the same time, do not overdo it with decorative elements so that the recreation area does not look like a museum exhibit. How is the combination of peace and stability achieved, which gives a feeling of peace and tranquility?

  1. Furniture. The only drawback of this style can be considered its high price. The original interior of the bedroom in a classic style does not tolerate fakes, and first of all it concerns furniture. It should be only from natural wood. This is a massive and exquisite wooden set, made according to old sketches. The bed should be single color. Often carving or inlay is used. As for the color scheme, the furniture is made with the preservation of the color of natural wood. A more modern color scheme is also allowed. A white bedroom in a classic style is less common, but it looks quite elegant and quite harmonious in rooms with poor lighting or small dimensions. If the ceilings in the apartment are high, you can afford a canopy. For the bed, we select a beautiful heavy bedspread and a composition of pillows. As a rule, in addition to the bed, bedside tables, wardrobes and dressing tables are used in the design of the bedroom.
  2. Color solution for the interior in this case in favor of calm, muted shades. It should maximize relaxation and comfort. They use a combination of white with blue or cherry tones, velvet green looks gorgeous. The white bedroom in a classic style combined with gilding looks elegant. This adds a chic touch to the interior and allows you to visually expand the space. Cream, sand and coffee shades are considered popular today.
  3. Textile in the design of bedrooms in a classic style plays an important role. Among the fabrics, you should pay attention to cotton, viscose, satin, silk and spoilage with velvet. All selected fabrics may vary slightly in texture, but must be in the same style. Windows are decorated with heavy intricate curtains with tassels or tiebacks.
  4. Lighting the room should not be too bright. Suitable heavy bronze chandeliers and sconces, with gilding and plafonds in the form of candles. Try to position the light sources in such a way that they are not directed towards the face.

Bedroom in modern classic style

If a spacious room with high ceilings is not difficult to decorate in a classic style, then a small room in an apartment will have to be thought through to the smallest detail.

It is quite acceptable in this case to use some modern elements of the design of the apartment. For example, the ceiling for a small bedroom in a classic style may well be stretched and glossy. This will slightly increase the height of the walls and expand the size of the room.

It is also worth choosing the color scheme very carefully. Too dark colors should be completely abandoned in favor of a lighter pastel range. All sorts of canopies or tassels on the curtains are not appropriate here. You can use mirrors, decorative elements and light wood furniture. This will create a harmonious bedroom interior in a classic style and not overload it. Classic design today is considered one of the most expensive, but the end result is worth it.

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