Bedroom in the style of minimalism

Bedroom in the style of minimalism

The main features characteristic of minimalist interiors are: a huge area, the absence of unnecessary pieces of furniture and decor, monochrome and neutrality of colors, which should also be few, a storage system thought out to the smallest detail and a maximum of free space. All this is fully typical for residential premises of any functional purpose, and especially for the bedroom.

The main concepts of the bedroom in the style of minimalism

This stylistic direction implies perfect order, cleanliness, plenty of free space and fresh air, a sense of freedom and a minimal set of things. It is very difficult to achieve this. You need to carefully think through all the details and the ability to quickly remove everything unnecessary in storage space. Thus, a minimalist bedroom is simply impossible without a variety of built-in furniture, hidden places for wardrobes, shelves in the podium for the bed and other storage systems.

The problem of decorating the bedroom is also very difficult to solve, since the use of a meager number of decorative elements is allowed, but the need to give comfort to the room remains. In this case, you should be guided by a sense of proportion, because a few extra little things will completely distort the stylistic direction itself, and their lack will make the bedroom empty and uninhabited.

Colors and finishes in the design of the bedroom in the style of minimalism

The most ideal option would be a combination of white with neutral shades of gray, beige or brown. It is quite possible to do without white, using only an additional palette. In this case, the obligatory third shade can be present in accents, such as pillows or decorative elements. It can be red, orange or terracotta tone.


The walls in the interior of the bedroom in the style of minimalism may well be painted in bright colors, but then the furnishings should be solid and neutral. White and black bedrooms and those in which there are gray elements look very interesting.

In wall decoration, it is better to give preference to paints or wallpaper, it is possible to use textured plasters. Whatever coating is chosen, it must be monophonic without fail. It is allowed to use carpets, but plain.


Stylish bedroom interior minimalism implies a complete absence of carved, painted or decorated furniture. The central place is allocated specifically for the bed, which should be a platform or tatami with hidden legs. A model is assumed without a headboard, or with a little pronounced one. A good option would be to build a podium with built-in storage spaces. Be sure to have two bedside tables.

Cabinets must be built-in and completely merge with the walls, the use of mirrors and frosted glass is allowed. If the quadrature of the bedroom allows, it makes sense to fence off and equip a dressing room that allows you to remove all unnecessary things from view.

In the case when you need to equip a workplace in the bedroom, you need to buy a table with large drawers that can accommodate everything that is usually on the surface. The same requirements apply to a dressing table for a woman, which is better to replace with a chest of drawers.

Textile decoration of the living room

The interior of minimalism in the bedroom does not allow decorating the bed with pillows, cushions, canopies or draperies. It is better to decorate the place on the wall above the headboard with a picture, lamps, several framed images or niches. The bedspread on the bed is plain, the same applies to curtains, which are generally better replaced with blinds or shutters made of wood.

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