Bedroom in oriental style

Bedroom in oriental style

The concept of «oriental style» is a collective one. It includes decorative elements from Morocco, Egypt, Japan and other countries of the East. However, all these countries have one thing in common — the interior of an oriental-style room will certainly be based on an abundance of draperies, carpets and screens. And natural light moves aside, making it possible to enjoy the interior decoration of the room.

Oriental Bedroom Design Basics

Furniture should not be bulky — only minimalism and functionality. It can be small bedside tables, tables and stools. A low bed and pillows instead of chairs are a great solution. Oriental style «loves» natural materials. Well, for zoning, no hard heavy bulkheads — rather screens, movable partitions. The floor has the right to be both stone and wooden. Although stone is too cold for a bedroom.

Various combinations of exotic plants, painted screens, ceramics, and chests are used to complement the interior of an oriental-style bedroom. Although the abundance of decor depends on preferences — either it is a light and bright bedroom, or rich in details.


For small apartments in the bedroom, it is better to use the Asian style, but in large rooms — Arabic.


Oriental style is divided into Arabic and Asian. What is characteristic of Arabic? These are complex plots and smooth lines in rich decor. Expensive fabrics and handmade carpets. The colors are mostly dark with golden blotches and a noticeable predominance of red.

As for Asian — minimalism — its difference from Arabic. Space and some airiness are important here. The walls can showcase Japanese traditions. Mirrors with a pattern in the form of hieroglyphs or sakura and the active use of bamboo.

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