Bedroom in country style

Bedroom in country style

Country style is in great demand, especially among couples who put home comfort and a warm family atmosphere in the first place. This direction of interior design is sometimes called rural, because the rooms in which it is used become very similar to rooms in a country or rural house. A country-style bedroom invariably evokes associations with a gentle morning, coffee served in bed, warmth and bliss. The opinion that this style is only suitable for kitchens is very, very wrong.

Surface decoration in a country-style room

Such a design solution involves the use of exclusively natural materials. All kinds of textured plasters, textured and thick paints, wood paneling of walls or ceilings will be the right choice. Country-style wallpapers should be voluminous and, best of all, vinyl. Plain walls will be an excellent «landscape» for furniture with upholstery with floral or floral patterns. If there is an idea to use wallpaper with a pattern of flowers, then it is better to paste over only one wall in the room with them, otherwise you will have to choose furniture in calm and pastel colors. Curtains in the «rural» bedroom, as well as all other textiles, should be with a delicate floral pattern or ornament.

Country style ceilings

Oddly enough, much attention should be paid to the decoration of the ceiling in the sleeping room. The ideal option would be to create support structures from wooden beams or solid wood. Ceilings with rough plaster will also look beautiful, especially if they are complemented by the same walls.

Furniture in the interior of the bedroom in country style

It is the furniture elements that can give expressiveness to the “rural” style like nothing better. All furnishings must be made of natural wood that has undergone a minimum cycle of processing and staining. A country-style bedroom will be decorated with a massive oak or pine bed. If the owners want to install an iron bed, forging should be preferred. No need to try to save space and purchase built-in wardrobes — country style does not tolerate this. The presence of free-standing elements of the bedroom set is mandatory.

When choosing the rest of the furnishings, you should allow yourself to install a rare chest of drawers with a rotating mirror, a three-leaf carved wardrobe with figured legs, a beautiful table and chairs. The final touch will be played by the presence in the bedroom of an old wooden chest, which will serve as a place of rest and storage.

The role of accessories in country style bedroom design

Decorating a «rural» bedroom is just as important as the rest of the work. The presence of a variety of figurines, clocks, vases with flowers, antiques and, of course, pillows is welcome. The right decision would be to install a fireplace in the room, even if it is artificial. Walls can be decorated with landscapes, macrame or artistic forging. Textile elements must also be of exclusively natural origin. Curtains, pillows, bedspreads, curtains and rugs must be decorated with ornaments of flowers, plants or geometric shapes. If the owners of the bedroom do not like such options, then let’s choose textiles with a pattern of polka dots or stripes.

Rustic bedroom floors

The flooring, as well as all the finishing materials in the room, should also be natural. Parquet board or massive oak boards — this is what will be the logical conclusion to the entire interior. It is allowed to use a high-quality laminate that imitates natural wood species.

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