bedroom ceiling design

bedroom ceiling design

When decorating the interior of a bedroom, there are no insignificant details — everything in the room should contribute to rest and relaxation, because your well-being and mood throughout the day depend on the quality of sleep. Pay special attention to the design of the ceilings in the bedroom. Beautiful decoration will allow you to look at this room in a new way. The bedroom will become not just a place where you can sleep, but also a room in which it is pleasant to spend time doing your favorite activities.

The design of the ceilings of the bedrooms should coincide with the overall interior design, repeat the artistic motifs that are inherent in this room. If you have chosen wooden furniture in the spirit of old traditions for the bedroom, you can safely use wood in the design of the ceiling. For classic-style bedrooms with high ceilings, you can choose to drape with fabric or create a tiered plasterboard ceiling structure. You can decorate the interior in a modern style with the help of stretch ceilings with original lighting. Modern building technologies offer many options, among which you can find and bring to life your view on the design of ceilings.

Stretch ceiling bedroom design

Many mistakenly believe that the bedroom is not a place for some audacity, that this room should be dominated by pastel neutral colors. But the bedroom also needs creativity. Stretch ceilings can give a rest room a stylish and bright look. Recently, ceilings with photo printing or imitation of the starry sky have become increasingly popular. In addition to the aesthetic aspect in the interior, stretch ceilings also have a lot of practical advantages — lightness, strength and durability of the structure, the ability to hide defects in the surface of the ceiling wall.

Two-level stretch ceilings in the bedroom

A two-level design is one of the most successful solutions for bedroom design. Thanks to this ceiling, you can hide pipes, wiring, ventilation and other unsightly elements. Also, the ceiling structure can save your room from flooding. In interior design, a special role should be given to two-level ceilings. Thanks to this design solution, you can give the bedroom an elegant and stylish look with the help of spot lighting, which will provide uniform lighting and eliminate bulky chandeliers and lamps.

Stretch ceilings for a small bedroom

Unfortunately, many city dwellers have to live in small apartments, in which a room, a kitchen and an entrance hall are located on 25 square meters. To beautifully design the design of such a tiny bedroom, sometimes you have to make a lot of effort. It must be remembered that the ceiling coating plays an important role in the visual expansion of the space, so a glossy stretch ceiling in the bedroom can be a salvation for a small room. This design of the ceiling wall is also suitable for the design of a bedroom with a low ceiling, as the gloss will give the room the right volume due to the reflection effect. When choosing a color scheme, designers recommend choosing light, soft colors.

Difficulties with the choice of ceiling design may arise in attic rooms — uneven ceiling height, sloping walls. A stretch ceiling design is the perfect solution for a bedroom design with a sloping ceiling. Installing a stretch ceiling will help hide surface defects, and due to the lightness of the structure, there will be no additional load on the roof of the house, and things and furniture in the bedroom will not be damaged if the roof leaks.

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