Bathtub design combined with a toilet


bathroom design with toilet

Very often, people consider a combined bathroom an unprofitable and forced planning option. Indeed, in a large family in the morning you have to compete in the struggle for a washbasin, while the rest of the family wants to carry out other natural procedures. Great ventilation is needed here, otherwise it will be unhygienic to store toothbrushes, towels and other things in a poorly ventilated room. When installing partitions, you need to take into account all these nuances. But still, even here you can find many benefits that are invisible at first. You significantly save space, and hence finishing materials, have a little more usable space, which makes it possible to more efficiently arrange plumbing equipment. Therefore, the interior design of a bathroom and a toilet located in the same room is an important issue that requires detailed consideration.

Furniture and plumbing for a combined bathroom

There are good ideas for a combined toilet with a bath that will definitely help make this room more comfortable and convenient to use. When choosing the situation in such a room, you need to buy functional and small-sized things. For example, bulky wall cabinets can make it difficult to move around, and they are almost impossible to place near the toilet. If there is a suitable place, then fill in the niches by equipping neat shelves closed with doors there. Instead of a bulky Moidodyr washbasin, buy graceful Tulip sinks mounted on an elegant pedestal.

In a spacious room, you can easily place a bath, a laundry basket, a washing machine. But if you have a room of only a few squares, then it is better to limit yourself to a beautiful shower cabin or use acrylic «triangles», which are quite spacious, have an anatomical shape, and at the same time they take up a little less space. By the way, some of these models have a hydromassage complex and are equipped with curtains.

Wall and ceiling materials

Finishing the bathroom and toilet with tiles in this room has always been considered the «gold standard». But over time, other great options have emerged that need to be considered. Having discarded impractical wallpaper or enamel painting, we offer you the most affordable and spectacular modern ways to finish the bathroom:

The ceiling in a small bathroom and toilet should not be painted in dark colors or be multi-level. It is necessary to illuminate the room as much as possible, using light colors or transparent materials. The best solution would be a mirrored ceiling, aluminum profile slatted ceiling, tension systems. For example, drawing a blue sky with clouds will perfectly create a feeling of spaciousness.

The role of the mirror in the interior of the bathroom

Mirror finishes will advantageously change the design of the bathroom combined with a toilet, especially if you have problems with space. They perfectly visually expand the room, as if adding volume here. Such a surface is easy to wipe, caring for a shiny surface, stains or smudges are destroyed on them instantly. As an alternative to conventional mirrors, matt or grooved mirrors are now available to make a room look a little more original.

But even if you used tiles or panels, then you can’t do without an ordinary mirror over the sink. Its shape and design can be varied, the marine theme is better suited to this place, for example, products made in the form of fish. Cabinets equipped with shiny doors made of moisture-resistant material help to solve the problem a little. In this case, it will not be necessary to buy a special mirror above the washbasin.

To equip a separate bathroom with a bathroom or to combine these things in one room is the personal choice of the owner of the apartment. In some cases, you are faced with a fact, so you have to put up with such a layout. But with the right approach, any option can be used to advantage, making this place cozy, conducive to relaxation and rest.


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