Bathroom Mosaic Tile

Bathroom Mosaic Tile

When we hear about mosaics, the first thing that comes to mind is a bathroom, sauna or swimming pool. It so happened that the mosaic most often covers the walls of rooms with high humidity. The moisture resistance of mosaic masonry is not higher than that of ordinary full-sized tiles, but when exposed to light, pieces of ceramic or glass shimmer like drops of water, which is perhaps why the mosaic has become a favorite among other varieties of bathroom design.

Mosaic wall tiles

Usually a favorite place for designers to place a mosaic pattern is on the walls. Wall masonry always looks impressive and aesthetically pleasing, and with the help of colored tile pieces of different sizes, you can lay out almost any pattern.

An unconditional classic is white mosaic-like tiles, but in order for the bathroom interior not to look inconspicuous, white tiles are often combined with pieces of cream, gray and black tiles. However, the color contrast of the white mosaic can be tiles of absolutely any shade of the palette or mosaic under glass.

Walls covered with black ceramic mosaic tiles look much more elegant. Solid black on the walls looks great in spacious bathrooms with good lighting, but owners of small rooms can mix black tiles with lighter neighbors in the palette.

In choosing a mosaic, you should not be limited to the usual black and white scales. Any bright colors are always welcome, especially if your bathroom does not have a source of natural light.

Mosaic bathroom floor tiles

Mosaic is no less common on the bathroom floor. She can continue the composition on the wall or completely contrast with it. At the same time, using the distribution of mosaic pieces, you can visually distort the geometry of the room. The main thing is to choose high-quality and durable tiles for mosaics and waterproof grout that prevents the formation of mold.

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