Bathroom Ideas


Bathroom Ideas

Experience shows that most of the money is spent on renovating the kitchen and bathroom. Regarding the kitchen, everything is clear, because built-in kitchen sets and expensive household appliances are used here. But what about the bathroom?

The fact is that original ideas for a bathroom are difficult to implement, as they require long preparatory work, expensive finishing materials and the purchase of high-quality sanitary ware. However, the new bathroom will pay back the money invested in it and will not need repair for 8-15 years. How to decorate this room? More on that below.

Room size

Before planning a bathroom design, analyze its dimensions. Depending on the size, you can use different repair ideas. For a large room (more than 7 m²), it is advisable to use plain tiles with contrasting inserts. Tiles can be mosaic or classic type. The following details will also be relevant here:

  1. Mirrors. Visually enlarge the room and emphasize the luxurious design of the room.
  2. Built-in bathtub. For a standard city apartment, such a solution is not feasible due to the design features of the houses. Installation of a bath can only be done in a private house, standing on a strip foundation. This is a rather expensive pleasure, but this design will become the main decoration of your bathroom!
  3. Oversized furniture. In a spacious room, you can go beyond a standard cabinet with a washbasin and order something stylish and elegant. It can be a wardrobe for towels and bathrobes, a soft pouffe or even an unusual sofa.

In addition, in such a room you can play with lighting, stepped floors and large details (vases, laundry baskets, cabinets).

If the room is rather small (which happens much more often), then you will have to turn on the imagination and be a little limited in the decor and selection of furniture. For a small bathroom, the following ideas will be relevant.

  1. glass screen. Replaces shower screen. The screen is made of transparent materials, so the room does not seem cluttered and the feeling of spaciousness is preserved. You can choose the design (clear, tinted, patterned), glass profile and shape.
  2. Functional furniture.Order a special cabinet for the sink or use hanging cabinets. It is desirable that the furniture does not take up extra space on the floor.
  3. Use creative bathroom ideas. Do not be afraid to complement the room with small interesting things. It can be a small pot of greens, unusually shaped hooks, a wire basket for towels. Sometimes one interesting detail can bring the missing charm to the interior of a miniature room.

Walls and ceiling

The most popular option for wall decoration is ceramic tiles. It is moisture resistant, washes well and looks very nice on the walls and on the floor. Today, the assortment includes many different shades and textures of tiles, so choosing the right design will be quite simple. The most popular bathroom tile ideas are:

  • a dark tile is laid at the bottom, a light tile at the top, and a border of tiles of the third color is placed between them;
  • placing contrasting tiles on plain walls, creating interesting color accents;
  • the use of panels of small elements;
  • combination of several types of tiles.

In the case of the ceiling, it is advisable to stop risky experiments and turn to proven options. Suitable ideas for decorating the ceiling in the bathroom: tension or suspension structure, plastic / slatted panels, painting with moisture-resistant paint.


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