Bathroom doors


Bathroom doors

At first glance, it may seem that the doors to the bathroom and toilet are no different from other interior doors. But this is not so at all! Doors in such rooms should combine several important characteristics: they should be practical, durable, low maintenance, and in addition, fit into the overall interior of your home.

What material should I choose for bathroom doors?

Even if the house has a good ventilation system, the humidity in the bathroom will be increased. This should definitely be taken into account when choosing bathroom doors. It is worth giving preference to products that are made of materials that are not affected by steam and moisture. Do not forget that bathroom doors must have sound and heat insulation.

The most suitable material for the manufacture of bathroom doors is glass, as it is not subject to deformation under the influence of moisture and steam. Also, the advantages of this material are its environmental friendliness and hygiene. Glass does not transmit sound and perfectly retains heat. Interior doors are made from heavy-duty material that is almost impossible to break.

Glass doors — original and stylish design, they will perfectly fit into any interior. Glass can be tinted, embossed or frosted, in addition, inserts from other materials are often made in such doors. Glass bathroom doors are very beautiful and unique. The only drawback of such doors is their high price.

Plastic is another material that is ideal for making bathroom doors. Moisture and high temperatures do not affect plastic doors, they have a long service life, are practical, hygienic and convenient! Good noise and heat insulation is another plus of plastic doors.

Separately, it is worth noting that thanks to special coatings, the surface of the doors can be imitated for any material. This helps to make the bathroom door more original and suitable for the overall interior of the home.

A variety of shapes and colors of plastic doors bring them increasing popularity among consumers. And the low cost of such doors makes them accessible to almost everyone.

The classic version of the doors for the bathroom and toilet are wooden. But the tree does not tolerate moisture well, and therefore wooden doors are short-lived, quickly deformed and become unusable. But still, many people prefer wooden door structures. The tree looks most beautiful in expensive classic interiors, where plastic has no place at all.

Wooden doors for rooms with high humidity must be made of oak or beech, must be treated with an antiseptic and varnished. It is worth noting that their cost is also quite high.

Chipboard and MDF doors covered with laminate are also quite often installed in the bathroom. They tolerate moisture well, are made in various designs, and are quite affordable for average residents.

Doors made of natural veneer should not be installed in the bathroom, this material does not withstand exposure to moist hot air. Now quite often they install compartment doors in the bathroom — this is a great option for apartments where the bathroom is adjacent to the bathroom. The bathroom door must be equipped with a ventilation hole, and if not, then there should be a small gap between the door and the floor.

It is necessary to choose doors for the bathroom and bathroom in accordance with the interior of the living space and financial capabilities.


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