Bathroom design with shower


Bathroom design with shower

If you have to renovate an apartment, then, probably, you will not ignore the bathroom. In most apartments, the size of the bathroom is very modest, and the owners want to create a fashionable design here. Until recently, they tried to expand the bathroom, refusing a bath. A hole was made in the floor to drain the water, and the shower hose was fixed to the wall. To protect against splashing water, this place was covered with a curtain.

Today, many owners are solving the issue of increasing the space of the bathroom by demolishing the partition and creating a combined bathroom. In addition, there are many options for showers on sale that do an excellent job of saving space. This freed up space can be used, for example, to install an automatic washing machine. Indeed, in small apartments, most often there is no place for a rather voluminous washing unit either in the kitchen or even in the corridor.

Small bathroom design ideas with shower

Shower cabins have different sizes, differ in appearance and in their functional tasks. In addition, when buying a shower cabin, make sure that it fits the overall style of the bathroom. Thanks to a variety of designs, shower enclosures harmoniously fit, for example, into both classic style and modern high-tech.

The most economical option would be to choose a semi-circular compact corner shower enclosure, which turns the design of the combined bathroom with a shower cabin into a more modern one. Manufacturers make the simplest shower cabins with the smallest pallet dimensions of 70×70 cm. In more spacious cabins, for example, 90×90 cm in size, a device for hydromassage or foot massage is included. In some models, there is a programming of water temperature, various ways of its supply, and even a sauna.

The depth of the trays in different models of shower cabins also varies. In the deep shower tray, clothes are soaked, washed by hand and even bathe small children. There are shower cabins without pallets at all. The design of the bathroom will only benefit if you install a shower cabin without a tray in it. If the floor and walls of the shower cabin are laid out from ceramic tiles of the same color, then this design will create a feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom. Moreover, blue tiles will bring a feeling of freshness, and pastel colors give warmth to the room. If you make insulated floors in such a bathroom, then taking a shower will be even more pleasant.

If you want to save space in the bathroom, then you should choose a shower cabin with sliding doors. Those models in which the doors open inside the cabin are not very convenient, especially for overweight people. Accordion doors are much more ergonomic in shower cabins.

Shower cabins made of transparent material look beautiful, but in reality they are not very practical. Traces of water drops, soap stains you will need to constantly wipe from the walls of the cabin. It is much more convenient to use a shower cabin, the walls of which are made of frosted or corrugated glass, although care should also be appropriate for such a cabin.

Mirrors, which must be in the bathroom, can be mounted directly into the walls if desired. This will visually increase the space of the room. In addition, if the bathroom is small, then it is better to place the lamps along the perimeter of the ceiling, which will also contribute to the visual expansion of the room.

If you really like to bask in fragrant foam, you can install a shower with a sit-down bath. It will be the perfect compromise between functionality and size.


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