Bathroom Corner Rod


corner cornice for bathroom

Bathroom design is sometimes one of the most important issues in the renovation. First, everyone decides what material to choose so that it is resistant to moisture, then they look for a bathroom so that it fits in size, then they think about the location of the rest of the necessary “equipment” in the bathroom. The final stage is the design of the place around the bath itself. If earlier the baths were only flat and placed strictly under the wall, today it can be placed in the middle of the room, if space allows. But you need to protect yourself from splashes on the floor in any case. Then the corner cornice in the bathroom comes to the rescue. It is able to protect against pouring water from all sides.

Cornice material

The choice of cornice plays an important role. First, its durability is important. Secondly, the function of the structure is not only to protect, but also to decorate the room. It should be interesting and original, harmoniously complementing the overall style of the bathroom. Today, the cornice can be chosen from the following materials:

  • stainless steel;
  • plastic;
  • aluminum.

Corner cornice in the stainless steel bathroom is a great addition to plumbing. It will delight with brilliance for many years and will fit into any style of interior, from classic to modern.

The best, practical and inexpensive option is plastic. Such cornices today are different in shape and color, it is possible to choose a device for curtains that will be combined with walls and ceilings, and not radically differ from them.

As for aluminum, it is a bit like stainless steel, only this material does not shine, but has a matte surface. Such cornices are produced in various diameters, but you should not get carried away and buy a very massive version. Do not forget that a thin, light oilcloth curtain will hang on this device, which is not afraid of getting wet (it will not become heavier from water).

Cornice installation

Bathroom curtain rods, whether they are angular or straight, are equipment that does not require special skills for installation. Of course, you can entrust this matter to specialists. But if at least once you held a drill and dowels in your hands, then you can do it on your own, following some rules. To install a corner cornice you will need:

  • knife to open the package;
  • drill or puncher, which is selected depending on the material of the walls;
  • a drill of a suitable size;
  • level, pencil for marking the mount;
  • fastenings: dowels, screws;
  • screwdriver to tighten the fasteners.

If you purchased a cornice in a specialized store, then you could immediately buy all the necessary fasteners there. But consider the fact that all this may already be included in the package.

To make the correct installation, the cornice should first be attached to the bathroom below, and not to the place where it will hang. Mark the points to which the cornice is supposed to be attached. With the structure aside, raise these points with a ruler or level 1600 mm above the tub. This height will allow the curtain to be on the sides and prevent water splashing.

Next is to mark the place for drilling. To do this, attach the mounting bracket to the point marked by you, so that it is in the center of the bracket. Mark all the holes that are on the mount with dots on the wall. Drill, insert the dowel and attach the brackets with self-tapping screws. The last stage of installation is the insertion of the cornice pipe and the tightening of the structure’s clamping screws. After proper installation, the corner bathroom cornice is ready for use.

Important! Before fixing the pipe, do not forget to hang the curtain rings. Otherwise, you will have to disassemble everything. Let the bathroom please you with warmth, beauty and comfort, and do-it-yourself repairs make the house even more comfortable!


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