7 essential oils for effective home cleaning

What oils to use for cleaning and how they will help? Told in video

one lavender oil

Lavender is one of the most popular fragrances used in cosmetics and household chemicals. But you can use not only the pleasant smell, but also other useful properties of the extract. For example, lavender helps in the fight against moths. Drip a cotton pad with oil and place it in a potentially dangerous closet — just make sure that there is no direct contact with clothing. Lavender ether is also used to clean carpets or textiles. To facilitate this process, mix 100 ml of water, 20 ml of alcohol, 30 drops of extract. Shake the emulsion thoroughly and use a spray bottle.

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2 Peppermint oil

It is especially pleasant to use mint in the summer, when you want to give your home extra freshness. So, with peppermint essential oil, you can wash the floor. This will prolong the effect of purity, give a feeling of coolness. Mint also repels various insects: spiders, ants, bugs that may appear in the summer, especially on the lower floors.


3 birch tar oil

This extract has strong bactericidal and fungicidal properties. Thanks to the former, tar oil can be used for general cleaning — for example, in a newly purchased apartment in the secondary housing or after tenants. All germs will be removed, just add ether when dusting and mopping. And in the bathroom, tar will help clean mold from tile joints with corner joints. Of course, a thick layer of a fungus that has appeared for a long time will not wash off, but it will cope with a slight touch.

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four Citrus oil: lemon and orange

Lemon or orange esters are ideal for fighting grease and odors. Therefore, they are widely used in the kitchen. Wash the inner walls of the microwave, refrigerator shelves, plastic containers — citrus extracts will cope with this with a bang. You can add a few drops to baking soda, using the mixture as you would a regular cleaning powder, or make a spray by mixing the oil with water and a small amount of alcohol or vinegar.

Lemon and orange are also good helpers in washing windows or mirrors. Add them to the water, then you do not have to rub off the barely noticeable, but annoying stains on the surface. A bonus is the pleasant scent.


5 Tea tree oil

This essential oil has a rather strong tart aroma. If during cleaning in the apartment you need to get rid of stubborn odors (tobacco, cat litter, old things or others), then tea extract is a good option. It is also great for cleaning in the bathroom — it also has bactericidal properties. Just mix 10-30 drops with baking soda or other cleaning powder. If you are not close to the aroma, add a couple of drops of orange to the product.

6 Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil is quite versatile — it disinfects and gives the space an unobtrusive pleasant aroma. Suitable, for example, for everyday cleaning in the bathroom and toilet — with it you can clean slightly dirty plumbing, wipe mirrors, glass and other surfaces. In the rest of the apartment, use eucalyptus for dusting — you will enjoy the light disinfecting effect, coupled with a natural aroma.


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7 Ylang Ylang Oil

The essential oil of this plant will help out if you need to get rid of the smell of dust in the vacuum cleaner, which spreads in the air during each cleaning. Moisten a cotton pad with ylang-ylang extract and tighten with the vacuum cleaner turned on. Some vacuum cleaners are designed so that the disk can be put somewhere inside, and then removed.

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