7 beautiful varieties of cacti that do not require complex care

Listed beautiful types of cacti in this video

one notocactus

Notocacti are small, rounded plants that, under favorable circumstances, bloom very beautifully. This species loves moisture and needs regular watering — at least once a week. As soon as the stem begins to shine, it is time to water it. The plant feels great at a temperature of 24-27 degrees. In autumn and winter, notocactus can be kept on a glazed balcony — it will withstand temperatures down to +10 degrees. If the plant is doing well, it flowers from March to July. But only if the cactus is more than four years old.

2 Rebutia

Another unpretentious cactus. It is compact, usually does not grow above 8 centimeters. In general, this variety is unpretentious, but after transplantation it requires several months of rest. Rebutia needs sunlight, so in the summer it is better to put it on the southern windowsill or take it outside if you live in a country house. There will be a fresh breeze outside, which the plant also loves very much. The cactus does not tolerate waterlogging, so watering should be infrequent, and a drainage layer should be provided in the soil.

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3 Epiphyllum

Epiphyllum looks very impressive: large flowers appear on the legs of a cactus in whole clusters. The plant grows up to a meter in height. Regular watering will ensure it blooms more actively. Epiphyllum feels good at room temperature + 20-25 degrees, but it also tolerates coolness well. During the dormant period, it is better to put the cactus on the balcony with a temperature of about + 10-15 degrees and not water it at all.

four Cereus

In nature, this variety reaches gigantic sizes — up to 20 meters in height. Dwarf varieties are grown in the apartment. The plant blooms exclusively at night, smells wonderful and looks very attractive. Despite the theory that the cereus dies after the first bloom, with proper care and favorable conditions, nothing will happen to it, and you will admire beautiful flowers every year. Moderate watering and room temperature are all this type of cactus needs.

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5 Astrophytum

This cactus is unlike the others, because it has no thorns. This is because the ribbed and very hard stem provides the plant with sufficient protection. Astrophytums bloom beautifully from the second year of life, but the flowering period is short — up to three days. Inflorescences come in different shades, depending on the subspecies of the cactus.

6 Decembrist

In fact, the famous Decembrist flower is also a type of succulent. The plant got its name because of the flowering time in December. New inflorescences appear regularly throughout the month. After that, the Decembrist begins a dormant period, and it can be transplanted into a larger planter.

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7 Ariocarpus

Ariocarpus looks unusual, and all thanks to the triangular branches extending from a thick stem. The inflorescences of the plant are even more beautiful — large and bright. The cactus blooms every year in spring. Ariocarpus is unpretentious, but it is important to choose the right planter for it, because the root system of the plant is several times larger than its aerial part.


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