6 Ways to Fit Twice as Much Without Buying a New Closet

A few simple life hacks will make an ordinary wardrobe almost bottomless. Don’t believe? We have collected the best ideas on how to use space efficiently. Useful accessories, special ways to fold clothes, as well as maintaining order and timely decluttering will help you.

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one Store vertically

If you need to save space, organize vertical storage of clothes and accessories in the closet. Hooks, additional crossbars and a variety of organizers will help you with this. Long hangers with dividers will come in very handy, on which you can hang any things: from jeans to jewelry (depending on the configuration). On the bar, such hangers take up as much space as one hanger, and organize twice as much clothes — and this is at least.

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    5 steps to an organized wardrobe (and no mess!)

2 Add Shelves

It is important to maximize the use of all the space inside the cabinet. Surely there is room for a couple more shelves in it. For example, you can further divide the box with bags if they are small in size and occupy only the lower part — this way more things will fit in one cell.

3 Store shoes in two rows

Another handy vertical storage option is to stack your boots on top of each other. So one pair will take up half the space on the shelf, and the space will be fully utilized. To keep shoes from getting dirty, use divider organizers. With this storage method, even a small compartment in the closet will fit a whole collection of boots and shoes.

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four Use Inserts

If you do not have the opportunity to transform the cabinet or buy parts for it, use inserts. They will divide the high compartment vertically and thus allow the use of the upper part of the compartment. Some models are attached to the top shelf, others can be placed on the bottom (and including each other). If the compartment is too long, divide it with plastic inserts so that it is convenient to stack things in piles.

5 Store in stacks

Usually the rod section is the most voluminous part of the cabinet. If you economically spend space in it, the compartment will not fill up to the end for a long time. Hang only those things that cannot be stored otherwise. Distribute the rest as much as possible on the shelves. Fold clothes in tight piles or roll them up, arrange them in baskets, stacking one on top of the other, and put them in organizers. If you methodically fill each drawer to the end, such storage will unload your closet and free up space on the bar.

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6 Use all surfaces

Some parts of the closet are undeservedly ignored. For example, under the bar with hangers, you can arrange shoes and bags or store a suitcase there. Arrange the clothes on the hangers so that shorter items hang on the side where you plan to put something tall. So wardrobe items will not interfere with each other and make it difficult to search.

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