6 cons of the Scandinavian style that everyone loves so much

Scandinavian interior design has conquered the world with its convenience and aesthetics. It is based on simple but effective ways to make everyday life more comfortable and freshen up the apartment without big financial investments. The principles of Scandi are similar to the Swedish philosophy of «lagom», which promotes the rejection of everything superfluous. This is a search for harmony in the bustle that surrounds us, the ability to enjoy the small, avoiding the accumulation of unnecessary things.

«Lagom», embodied in the interiors of Northern Europe, is often called the «recipe for happiness.» Is it really? Today we’ll take a look at a few features of Scandinavian design that prove it’s not for everyone.

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one Scanty palette

White color, as well as its shades, is the basis of the interior in the Scandinavian style. Light walls, ceiling and floor give a feeling of freshness, spaciousness and cleanliness in the room. However, an excess of this color brings a certain “sterility” to the room. To avoid this, Scandinavians usually dilute the monochrome palette with cool colors — gray and black, add deep blue hues. The interior in such colors sometimes seems too restrained and uncomfortable. It feels silent and ascetic.

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2 The Importance of Order and Minimalism

Light carpets quickly fade and turn gray, and for light sofas and armchairs, the slightest speck is critical. At the same time, dust is especially noticeable on furniture in contrasting dark colors, which is often found in Scandinavian interiors.

Another nuance of the Nordic style is its minimalism. The interiors are spared from the abundance of accessories, and the furniture performs several functions at once. All items of daily use are out of sight — they are hidden in drawers, cabinets, chests of drawers. Special attention is paid to hidden storage systems — it is worth taking a break to carefully consider the location of each item. Light «creative mess» will not match the laconic atmosphere of the apartment.

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3 Too much light

Not spoiled by the sun, Scandinavians appreciate natural light. Nordic-style apartments cannot be imagined without large windows. Curtains that prevent the penetration of rays are either completely excluded from the interior or replaced with transparent tulle.

The cold Russian climate is reminiscent of the harsh weather conditions in Norway, Sweden or Denmark. In winter, we, like the inhabitants of these countries, suffer from a lack of light, and it seems that letting it into the apartment, abandoning the curtains, is a good idea. However, in spring and summer, when it begins to get light outside the window at four o’clock in the morning, one cannot do without thick curtains. They will provide high-quality healthy sleep and the production of melatonin.

There is another condition, no longer dependent on the time of year. So, «bare windows» will not suit residents of houses built close to each other. Curtains in apartments in such houses not only perform a decorative function, but also provide privacy, fencing off neighbors opposite.

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four Wood fragility

One of the features of the Scandinavian style is the connection with nature. In the interiors, you can find the use of natural materials — leather, cotton, wool, metal and wood.

Light wood floors — beech, pine, ash — are laid in all rooms except the bathroom. This solution looks very impressive, but there are certain disadvantages. The tree is sensitive to light, moisture and temperature changes. With improper care, the boards begin to creak, dry out and rot. Therefore, you need to think about leaving in advance.

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5 No room for imagination

The success of Scandi lies in its elegance and ease of implementation. Everyone can afford to decorate the interior in this style. Ready-made democratic solutions from IKEA also help in this. But this plus is also a minus. An apartment with basic furniture and a minimum of decorative elements is difficult to give individuality. The strict principles of Nordic design leave little room for experimentation. This style can quickly get boring and is unlikely to suit those who like to stand out from the crowd.

6 «Crowded» receptions

Having reached the peak of fame, the Scandinavian style began to tire a little. From the houses of Northern Europe, he moved to hotels, offices and restaurants — Scandi literally «virused» all over the world and lost its uniqueness. Ideal apartments from the picture, which bear little resemblance to residential ones, quickly get bored. The demand for brighter, pretentious options has grown. Now we see how designers are gradually moving away from the Scandinavian classics by creating a «mix» of several styles.

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Write in the comments what the Scandinavian style means to you and how much do you agree with the disadvantages that we have listed?

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