6 beautiful monochrome interiors where they said “no” to white

When the 60/30/10 color proportion rule is used in the interior (where 60% is the main color, 30% is the main accent and 10% is the contrast), white or beige is usually taken as the basis. But if you wish, you can take any shade as a base: turquoise, red, blue. Such interiors look original and stylish, attract the eye.

one Green minibar

A bright base color looks great in tiny rooms like this minibar. The wall was also painted to match the green headset. Wallpaper was glued to the ceiling in a delicate strip of a close green hue. All this highlights the mini-room and does not let it get lost in the scale of the house. In addition, such a color scheme made the interior holistic and slightly more spacious visually. The door was abandoned — this leaves more free space, and those passing along the corridor inevitably cling to the bright and stylish space with their eyes.

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    Colors in the interior

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2 blue living room

In this project, a slightly dusty blue color was taken as the basis: all the walls, including textured brick, are painted in it. The blue theme is also supported by a large colorful carpet on the floor and a wardrobe with open shelves. Such a smooth flow of color from the walls to the floor and to the furniture unites the space, makes it complete and thoughtful. Upholstered furniture was chosen in shades that echo well with blue: peach, lemon yellow and beige. It gave life to the interior.

3 orange bathroom

Non-residential rooms are often decorated entirely in bright colors to get a catchy and energetic interior — there is much less risk that an unusual choice will get bored. For example, a rich orange was chosen for the bathroom in the photo. It is everywhere: on the floor, in the shower room, on the walls and even on the ceiling. At the same time, the feeling of visual congestion still does not occur. The secret is in the shade: it is rich, but not harsh. This orange with a warm touch of brown seems quite calm and pleasing to the eye, even cozy and warming. It is very important that the walls are matte — the glare from the lamps would irritate the eyesight and exaggerate the effect of brightness.

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four blue bedroom

In this bedroom, a soft shade of blue seems to “fall” from the ceiling onto the walls. Further, the same tone captures the bed — here is a perfectly matched bedspread and headboard upholstery. This combination of finishes and textiles allows you to achieve a solid color base in the room. For contrast, soft ocher was chosen — it adds warmth.

5 coral cabinet

The entrance to this office is surrounded by a gray bookcase. The atmosphere inside the room itself is completely different — it was decorated in a rich coral hue. The ceiling, walls and floor were painted in it. It’s not flashy, a little pinkish. It is pleasant to be and work in it: the space seems light and playful. All furniture is selected in the same shade, it merges with the walls and looks like their continuation. Due to this technique, a small room seems much more spacious. The window frames were also painted so they do not look like a white spot and do not break the color harmony.

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    Colors in the interior

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6 Turquoise living room

The project in the photo is an example of how bright colored walls and ceilings can be glossy. They give the interior a touch of high cost and luxury. For such an effect, you need good natural lighting and the right shade of paint — in the interior of the living room in the photo, these conditions are met. The light reflects off the walls, and they resemble water in a mountain lake. The rich turquoise color of the finish was supported by chairs, curtains and decor to match, and brown and golden elements in the design of the room balanced the palette. It came out aesthetically pleasing and original.

Bright colors

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