No time to read? Listed step-by-step actions for order in the closet

one fill the space

A common problem faced by owners of large cabinets is empty voids. As a result, the usable space is not used, and there is not enough space for clothes: the hangers are too tightly pressed together, the shelves are packed so that it is difficult to find something on them. To organize more convenient and efficient storage, use every free centimeter:

  • Make an additional bar for hangers where long clothes usually do not hang.
  • Place a box with several storage compartments at the bottom of the cabinet.
  • Match boxes to the size of the topmost shelf and fill it with what you rarely take out of the closet.
  • Hang the soft storage unit on the hanger bar.
  • Add shelves and pull-out mesh compartments.

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    Putting away warm clothes for storage: 8 useful tips

2 Remove out-of-season clothes

It will be easier to navigate the closet if it contains only relevant clothes. For the winter, put all summer things in suitcases or bed linen covers. Store them under the bed, in the inner compartment of the sofa, in the closet on the loggia. If possible, separate clothes for spring, summer, and fall. Then in the spring you will remove the warmest and quickly get lighter things for the transition season, and repeat the process in the summer.


In the video below — a simple instruction on how to fold down jackets and other warm clothes:

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3 Switch to vertical storage

If closet space isn’t enough, go beyond shelves and add vertical storage. It will need containers in which you will put things like documents in a folder, as well as dividers and hanging modules. So much more things will fit in the closet, and all of them will be in sight. And to get one item, you will not need to search through the entire stack.


To make storage even more tidy, watch instructional videos with different ways to fold things.

See how to put summer things in the closet:

How to compactly fold autumn clothes:

How to fold underwear, swimwear and pajamas to put away in the closet:

four sort things

Arrange items so that clothing for specific situations is stored nearby. Let business suits and shirts hang in the same compartment. Store sportswear in a separate container. On a specially dedicated shelf — what you wear only for a walk with the children or for a quick outing to the grocery store. Such sorting saves time during collection and helps a lot when it comes to decluttering or shopping. You can immediately see for which situations things are not enough, and for which there are too many of them.

A little life hack: when sorting, ask yourself if you would buy this item right now in the store. This will help you immediately get rid of unnecessary things and free up more space in the closet.


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5 Make room for accessories

Once you’ve sorted out your clothes, it’s time to find a place for your accessories. Use hooks on the inside of cabinet doors, small pull-out shelves, hanging modules, and even regular hangers. Make sure that all the little things can be seen at a glance, so you don’t have to look for the right belt or tie for a long time in the morning.


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