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When it comes to window decoration, gray curtains can be safely called the “universal soldier”. The richness of shades combined with the variety of fabrics allows you to create an almost endless number of combinations with other interior items. In this article, we’ll show you how to get the most out of this neutral color and choose curtains for every room.

All about gray curtains in the interior

Color Features
What to combine
— With black and white
— With pink and purple
— With blue and blue
— With beige and brown
— With bright accents
What fabric to choose
Ideas for different rooms
— Living room
— Bedroom
— Kitchen
— Children’s
— Cabinet

Color Features

The main advantage of gray is its versatility. It can be dark or light, cold or warm. Thanks to this, it goes well with any shades, complementing them and emphasizing the depth of color.

For rooms with large windows, where there is always a lot of natural light, cold tones are suitable: ash, steel, pewter, coal, silver, anthracite, gray.

If the windows face north and there is often not enough sunlight in the room, it is better to choose curtains made of light fabric with a warm undertone: mother-of-pearl, biscuit, quartz, platinum, linen, coventry, haliotis.

If the main task of window textiles is to protect from light, then give preference to dense fabrics and, if necessary, additional blinds that do not let the sun’s rays through. For example, cotton or satin dark gray curtains will look good in the bedroom interior. The variety of colors allows you to use gray curtains in any room and in all styles: from country to minimalism.

What to combine

With black and white

The combination of these three achromats is never unsuccessful: gray is the transition between the zero brightness of black and the absolute light of white, so any of its shades and degrees of intensity will fit into a monochrome interior. To prevent the room from being perceived as a black and white photograph, you can dilute such a strict palette with splashes of other colors or experiment with textures.

With pink and purple

Various combinations with pink and purple are popular, especially with its light pastel variations — lilac and lavender. In such an environment, gray loses its severity and restraint, especially if you choose a warm undertone and combine it with dusty shades of pink and purple.

With blue and blue

In combination with blue or blue, which belong to the cold spectrum, achromat creates a cool, fresh and airy interior. Gray-blue curtains are well suited for small rooms where you need to create a feeling of spaciousness. This is a good option for the bedroom, study or nursery, where you need to neutralize the excess energy of the child.

With beige and brown

Another win-win palette for a calm and cozy interior. Nude shades of beige, deep brown — smoky, biscuit or mother-of-pearl curtains will organically fit into this warm palette. An additional effect will be created by natural textures: wood, stone, clay, natural fabrics.

With bright accents

Juicy green, energetic red and coral, sunny yellow — these and any other accent colors can be emphasized and at the same time “calm down” with a neutral gray curtain. If textiles play the role of an inconspicuous background for brighter interior elements, this is ideal.

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What fabric to choose

The perception of color is affected not only by its shade, but also by its texture. Dense or translucent, matte or shiny, rough or flowing — one color will play completely differently on a particular fabric.

If you like a subtle sheen, choose mother-of-pearl, silver, pearl shades and matching fabrics: satin, taffeta, acrylic, silk or sequined tulle. Jacquard, cotton, plush, linen and velvet will give an elegant matte texture. Kisei, veil or viscose are suitable for light curtains.

Separately, it is worth mentioning blackout roller blinds, which serve to completely darken the room and are often used in bedrooms or rooms facing the sunny side, for example, in the living room or in the kitchen. Blackouts are made of synthetic fabrics with a special opaque layer. Such curtains, as a rule, are made as inconspicuous as possible — any neutral undertone is suitable for them.

Options for different rooms

Now let’s take a closer look at how you can decorate windows in a neutral color in each room.

Gray curtains in the living room

The design of the hall gives a large field for experimentation. Gray curtains in the interior of the living room are the best background that goes well with both light and dark interior elements, and also adds elegance to the atmosphere. When designing windows, follow the following rules.

  • Ideally, the material of the curtains should be close to the texture of upholstered furniture.
  • If there is a print on the curtains, it can be duplicated in other textiles — for example, on decorative pillows, a carpet, a blanket (in some stores you can immediately purchase a ready-made kit).
  • The combination of cold undertones (metallic, steel, wet asphalt) and fabrics with a sheen can be supported by metal details: a cornice, chrome tips, etc.
  • Combine curtains with contrasting trim: if the walls are light, then the textiles on the windows should be 2-3 shades darker — and vice versa.

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    Living room

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In the bedroom

Nude tones will help to create a relaxing cozy interior in the recreation area: mother-of-pearl, biscuit, linen, ashy. You can complement them with neutral pastel colors: white, brown, beige, as well as brighter splashes of blue, emerald, pink, yellow, etc. The main task of gray curtains in the bedroom is to provide a comfortable level of darkness during sleep. Based on this, the fabric and palette are selected. If you do not like complete darkness, you can choose curtains made of light translucent fabric, as well as combine tulle and curtains made of cotton, linen, velvet or silk.

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In the kitchen

The cooking area should be well lit, including natural light. Therefore, gray curtains in the kitchen should not darken the room too much and require complex maintenance. The ideal option is light Roman blinds or curtains made of medium-weight fabric.

The shade of the curtains is selected based on the overall palette and the location of the room. If the windows face south, you can experiment with cool colors. If there is little natural light, this disadvantage is compensated by a warm palette and rich colors, as well as the lightest finish so that the kitchen does not look dull and gloomy. It is also important to consider the size of the room: in a small room of several squares, heavy floor-length curtains will look too bulky.

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In the nursery

Achromatic colors are gender neutral, so they fit well into the interior of a child’s room of any gender, as well as if you need to design a common room for a boy and a girl. Light smoky, linen or pearl curtains will not make the space too gloomy and at the same time will unobtrusively complement the bright cheerful colors that are almost always present in children’s rooms.

If there is a table by the window for studying or a place for creativity and educational games, it is good to complement the neutral design of the window with a palette that sets you up for work. Suitable brown, beige, blue, emerald green, grassy green and other colors that help to concentrate.

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In the office

The design of the home office suggests restraint, elegance and a working atmosphere. An inconspicuous palette helps to emphasize all these qualities, which will be harmoniously complemented by curtains made of dense fabric of steel, anthracite, gray hue. If, in general, a light range is chosen for the cabinet, then you can take more “light” variations: pearl, platinum, silver, mouse.

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