Wardrobe in the corridor

Wardrobe in the corridor

The corridor is the hallmark of your apartment. Therefore, the hallway should be beautiful, and the furniture in it should be comfortable and functional. In any corridor, a closet is needed to store various things, and a closet would be the best option for the hallway. A variety of materials from which sliding wardrobes are made allow such furniture to fit harmoniously into absolutely any interior of the room. In addition, you can order a sliding wardrobe in the hallway with any filling in accordance with your wishes. There are several types of such cabinets: cabinet, built-in, corner, combined.

Cabinet wardrobe in the hallway

This is a free-standing type of furniture, consisting of walls, a bottom and a roof. Such a cabinet is easy to assemble and disassemble, convenient to move and put in any place.

Built-in closet in the hallway

This roomy closet is made specifically for a specific place in the apartment. The roof, bottom and walls of the built-in closet are the walls, floor and ceiling of your room. It is convenient to place such a closet in a niche or even in a pantry. The disadvantage of such a cabinet may be the unevenness of the walls, ceiling and floor, which complicates the process of its installation. It is also impossible to move or transfer such a cabinet, and even if you decide to do this, then in a new place it is unlikely to fit in size and you will have to redo it.

Corner wardrobe in the hallway

The modern version of the wardrobe allows you to rationally use the corner space, which most often cannot be occupied with anything else. Such a corner cabinet takes up less space in the hallway, and at the same time it is very roomy. The corner wardrobe is especially convenient in a narrow corridor. It smoothes the corner and gives originality to the interior of the room. And in the spacious hallway, a corner wardrobe can serve as a small dressing room.

Combined wardrobe in the hallway

In such a cabinet, along with sliding doors, swing doors are also installed. The combined sliding wardrobe can be both angular, and rectilinear. Such a wardrobe is more suitable for a spacious corridor, where nothing prevents the hinged doors from opening.

A sliding wardrobe is functional furniture and if you think over its internal content in advance, then you can store a lot of things compactly in it. In such a closet, you can arrange a britcher, mesh shelves or baskets for shoes, retractable hangers and ties. And small drawers and shelves will allow you to store a lot of necessary little things here. If you have a small narrow hallway, then the closet in it will be shallow, and the filling will be limited. Therefore, using every centimeter of the product with maximum efficiency, clothes can be hung not on the longitudinal bars, but on the end bars, which are attached under the mezzanine shelf.

Modern decorative materials will help create a unique design of the wardrobe in the hallway. Such furniture is made from solid wood, MDF or chipboard in a wide range of colors. The wardrobe can be completed with bamboo or rattan panels. You can also decorate it with natural or veneered wallpaper, artificial leather. Various paintings or photographs are often applied to the facade of the wardrobe by photo printing, which allows you to bring some zest to the interior of your hallway. Since there is no natural light in the corridor, you can install halogen light bulbs under the visor of the wardrobe.

An obligatory element in the hallway is a mirror that can be mounted in the sliding doors of the closet facade. And if such mirror doors are decorated with sandblasted drawings, then this will give the interior of your corridor a peculiar effect and originality.

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