Wallpaper for the bedroom — which one to choose?

What wallpaper to choose for the bedroom

The sleeping room is the most intimate room in any home, where every day of our lives begins and ends. It is here that they share the most intimate and personal, relax and gain strength. Therefore, it is worthwhile to approach the solution of the problem of what wallpaper to choose for the bedroom in the most responsible way.

Color palette

By decorating the walls of the bedroom with wallpaper in muted colors, which would be most ideally combined with the flooring, you will get a really cozy room, conducive to relaxation and frankness. Also, this option will make it possible to apply bright accents throughout the interior, and this can be done without any fear.

Red wallpapers in the bedroom look extremely interesting and original, they will be conducive to passion and lust. However, you should not expect from such a room the opportunity to completely relax and calm down. If, nevertheless, there is a desire to decorate the walls with red wallpaper, then such a radical design will need to be somewhat «diluted» with a neutral setting and decorative elements.

Black and white wallpaper for the bedroom has both positive and negative qualities, but such a color scheme, oddly enough, is conducive to relaxation and peace. Finding a pure black wallpaper is very difficult, as the collections are complemented by gray, white, gold or silver elements. However, it is they that make it possible to translate a truly luxurious interior into reality, and the decorative design of the wallpaper strips will make the room glamorous or dramatic, which is entirely up to the owners.

Blue wallpaper for the bedroom, as well as all shades of blue, have a positive effect on the process of falling asleep quickly. This is due to the ability of this color scheme to make the room somewhat darker, which is conducive to peace and a sense of security.

Wallpaper for a small bedroom

In a room with small dimensions, plain wallpaper will look most appropriate, since the presence of even the smallest small pattern will make the walls intrusive. It is worth remembering that striped wallpapers can visually make a room taller if they are placed longitudinally, and longer if they are glued transversely. Light shades visually make the space wider, and paintings, photos or collages will help make the walls not so boring.

How to decorate the wallpaper in the sleeping room?

It happens that after the end of the work, the walls in the room look dull and faceless. In fact, this is not a reason to be upset, but a real opportunity to put into practice your hidden design capabilities. Pictures on the wallpaper in the bedroom give a stunning effect, which can be made from the same finishing material, but a different palette or pattern, and frame the pieces of paper themselves with a frame made of wood or a ceiling cornice. Also, do not forget about collages of family photos, various kinds of dream catchers or Chinese fans. In fact, there are an incredible number of ways to “revive” the design of wallpapering in the bedroom, the main thing is not to be afraid to experiment.

Some bedroom wallpaper ideas

Many room decorators are of the opinion that it is not necessary to wallpaper all the walls in the room, it is quite possible to combine them with paint and other finishing materials. You can also apply the following methods:

  • paste over the wall at the head of the bed with bright wallpaper with a bold pattern;
  • you can use wallpapers from different collections, for example, cover one wall with wallpaper imitating brickwork, and all the rest with a classic pattern;
  • it is worth trying the possibilities of a panel gluing option using transverse borders made of wood or polyurethane;
  • in a teenager’s bedroom, you can combine wallpaper with photo wallpaper or decorate the wall with vinyl stickers.

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