small toilet design


small toilet design

One of the common problems in the repair of apartments is the small size of the bathroom. It is difficult to come up with something original when you have only a few square meters at your disposal. But this does not mean that the design of a small-sized toilet must necessarily be boring and of the same type. There are many ways to create something original and in such cramped conditions.

Design of a small toilet in an apartment: choosing finishing materials

The main task for such a modest room will be visual expansion and maximum use of every centimeter of area. For these purposes, a variety of shades are suitable. Do not think that the choice is limited only to white, gray and blue colors. As for finishing materials, in addition to traditional tiles, there are also many alternative ideas.

  1. Feel free to use moisture-resistant wallpaper for the design of a small toilet in Khrushchev. They have proven themselves well in conditions of high humidity, and due to the variety of textures, you can choose an imitation of almost any material. The combination of two different patterns in the same color scheme looks great.
  2. As for the design of the floor, sometimes it makes sense to abandon the tiles and lay an artificial carpet.
  3. An important point in the selection of materials for the design of a small toilet is the ease of cleaning during operation. In this case, the tile is in the first place. But it is not necessary to spread it to the ceiling. It is enough to close the wall by two thirds, and glue the rest with wallpaper or paint.
  4. For the design of a very small toilet, paint is also used as the main finishing material. Special moisture-resistant washable coatings do an excellent job with this function. It’s also a space saver. When laying out tiles, you lose up to 6 cm from each wall, and when using painting, three times less.

Design of a small toilet in an apartment: how to use the space correctly?

First of all, let’s start with the selection of a color solution. Of course, the blue or white tiles in our subconscious are strongly associated with the «scoop» and no one uses it anymore. But the paint of blue, light green or pale pink colors looks completely different. The walls look classy. More saturated orange, yellow, purple and coffee shades are also used. The latter should definitely be combined with brown, then dynamics will appear in the design of a small toilet. But it’s just not worth choosing exceptionally light colors, since you can simply be tormented with cleaning.

Even on a few square meters, it is quite possible to place paintings or other wall decorations. To do this, we paste over the lower part of the wall with bright wallpaper with an ornament, and the upper part in the same color scheme, but without a pattern. And on this background we place any decor. This applies to small shelves, mirrors or other elements.

As a rule, when repairing, we try to hide all communications under drywall. In this case, the access window can be safely decorated in any way possible and a tile design in a small toilet can be chosen for it. For example, you decide to use a warm vanilla shade as the main one. Then we make the shield in the form of brown shutters and we also select a contrasting brown tile with an ornament to the plain vanilla one.

The surest way to slightly expand the space is to combine the toilet with the bathroom. The design of a small bathroom with a toilet is much more diverse, because now you can use various glass partitions, screens and other methods of visually separating the toilet without cluttering the room.

In the design of a small bathroom and toilet, illuminated niches, corner baths and showers look good. In addition, be sure to take care of good multi-level lighting. A large illuminated mirror, lamps in the floor or around the perimeter of the room perfectly expand the space and allow you to present the design of a very small toilet in the most favorable light.


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