Small bathroom design

Small bathroom design

The main problem of modern apartments is the small bathroom space. If it is possible to connect the bathroom to the toilet, this can solve the problem in some way. But when they are located at different ends of the apartment, you have to solve the issue of a small room through the right choice of furniture and careful planning.

Basic design principles for a small bathroom

There are some simple, but effective tricks on the way to space on a few square meters. There are not so many of them, and even without the help of a designer, you will be able to create a design correctly.

  1. The design of a very small bath suggests only compactness and functionality. First of all, this applies to furniture and plumbing. Ideally, instead of a shower room, just a small glass partition and a shower tray: glass will never eat up space, and the design itself is much smaller than a full-fledged cubicle or bathroom. It is advisable to choose furniture exclusively angular and only with a streamlined shape. A smart solution for the design of bathrooms is the use of hanging furniture and small-sized plumbing fixtures. The furniture is compact, miniature and only the most necessary.
  2. The design of a very small bath is possible only with the use of light, preferably cold, shades. Moreover, there can be no more than two such shades, and then a couple of bright spots to enliven the interior. No contrasting combinations, because they will start to crush. By the way, all the filling of the bathroom should be as close as possible in the color of the walls: this gives the effect of dissolution, everything merges a little and there is no feeling of piling up.
  3. Do not give up on modern solutions in the form of built-in furniture and all kinds of niches. The fewer objects in the line of sight, the freer it will breathe. Ideally, this is a neat hanging cabinet under the sink, a niche with shelves in the wall and an elegant heated towel rail.
  4. And finally, work with drawing and texture. No large and dark images, only small and light drawings. We try to use one main texture and only a couple of accents. For example, a small white brick-like slab is taken as the basis, then the opposite wall or the inside of the niche can be decorated with matching plaster.

Small bathroom and style choice for interior design

If we take into account all the above tips from designers, then among the styles we can safely use three. The most obvious is minimalism, smooth and at the same time clear lines, a minimum of details and a maximum of free space. This style does not tolerate many shades, piling up.

Not bad under the description of the ideal style for the design of a small bathroom fits modern. We will borrow from him a clear zoning and the use of modern technologies. These are fashionable corner bathrooms and booths, an interesting combination of completely different types of textures and materials. But Japanese eco-design should take conciseness, thoughtfulness and strict simplicity. Tiles or panels with a wood pattern, simple shelves instead of a large closet. In a word, it is these three styles that are easiest to implement on your modest square meters.

Design and a little trick for the bathroom

As a summary and kind of summary of all that has been said, we offer a list of the simplest design tips or tricks for a small bathroom:

  • why hanging furniture and plumbing: they visually seem smaller, and the room is not so cluttered, and it will be very easy to clean;
  • use the place under the washbasin for powders and household chemicals, towels or other small things, but everything should not be in sight so as not to litter the bathroom;
  • A corner mirror works very well, or a mirror against which there is a wall with a glass light panel;
  • sometimes, instead of a closet, it is much more convenient to use a niche designed the same way as the wall: it will literally merge, but there is a lot of space in it, and the backlight will only help expand the space.

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