Sauna in the apartment

Sauna in the apartment

Before installing a sauna in your own apartment, you need to learn more about this «room». And also coordinate the installation with the relevant authorities.

It is clear that only a small sauna can be located in an apartment in which there is not much space. And you can make a bath yourself or buy a compact version of the sauna, specially designed for the apartment.

There are several types of saunas. We will describe some of them.

Sauna Options

Sauna constructor

Prefabricated, or ready-made, saunas for an apartment are of several types. In principle, you can assemble a sauna cabin for installation in your own apartment yourself. Self-tapping screws are used to fasten the shields, and when assembling, you just need to follow the attached instructions.

The advantage of prefabricated structures is that they can be disassembled and taken with you, for example, to the country. And the disadvantage is their significant scarcity of options: modifications and configurations. Often you have to select for «apartment» opportunities, which is quite difficult.

Compact version

Mini or compact saunas for an apartment are a construction of a cedar barrel and a steam generator. You can place it in almost any house or apartment. After all, it occupies an area of ​​\u200b\u200bno more than one square meter.

Some experts believe that a mini-sauna is very beneficial for health. Thanks to its effect on the body, weight loss is possible, cellulite disappears, and the skin becomes firm and elastic. And the power consumption is not scary — 2 kW.

infrared saunas

Recently, the installation of an infrared sauna in the apartment is becoming more popular. Infrared waves conduct heat through the body and create an additional load on the cardiovascular system. And with strong sweating, toxins are removed from the body, as well as fats and excess fluid.

Hamam — a piece of Turkey in your home

You can install in the apartment and Turkish sauna — hammam. Only the apartment should have a large area and several levels.

The conditions for installing a Turkish sauna are a ceiling with a height of at least 2.8 meters, sewerage, hot and cold water supply, a separate hood, excellent hydro and vapor barrier.

Instead of marble in the apartment, tiles are used to build a hammam. A floor heating system is used. And in order to get steam, you need a steam generator.

Finnish sauna is a chic and useful thing for comfort in your apartment

The Finnish sauna is considered a chic and, at the same time, useful installation in an apartment. In order for your sauna to produce the desired effect, you need to choose an electric stove carefully. It is necessary to calculate the electrical wiring in such a way that it can withstand up to 380 V. And the power of the furnace is calculated taking into account the volume of the future home sauna. Consider ventilation and air circulation.

Separately about the sauna cabin

Sauna-cabin for an apartment is an installation in the form of an inverted glass. It is usually installed on a ceramic tiled floor, sometimes finished with wood. The plinth of the floor is made of anodized aluminum and has a frame structure. And the walls are treated with two-layer panels. Everything is done in order to ensure maximum waterproofing. Don’t forget the heater. And sometimes a carefully crafted array goes to finish the wall.

Shelves are made of abacha — African wood, which even at very high temperatures does not heat up more than 40 ° C. Pay special attention to ventilation, as well as the correct installation of the oven. Today, electric fireplaces are common.

Anyone can install a sauna in their own apartment or house. The main thing is to correctly calculate the possibilities of the apartment and make the correct assembly, or construction, of the type of sauna you like.

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