How to choose curtains for the bedroom?


How to choose curtains for the bedroom

In any house, the best room is given for the equipment of the bedroom. After all, only in it an incredible atmosphere of coziness, intimacy and comfort should be created, which will distinguish it from all other premises. That is why it is so important to think through everything to the smallest detail. So, for example, an important aspect is the correspondence of the curtains to the chosen style of the interior.

General recommendations on how to choose curtains for the bedroom

No need to initially be careless about purchasing curtains for the bedroom. The perception of the entire room and positive emotions from being in it will depend on how correctly the decision to purchase is made. First you need to establish the functional purpose of the curtains. So, for example, they can play a purely aesthetic role and complement the interior, or they can serve as protection from prying eyes or light.

Curtains in the bedroom should be selected, given the likelihood of the need to regulate the flow of natural light into the room. For example, curtains, curtains and other thick types of curtains for the bedroom will help reduce the intensity of bright sunlight, while pastel and light fabrics of light shades will help to muffle it, leaving the room as lit as possible. It is highly recommended not to purchase synthetic materials.

When buying curtains, practicality should not be ignored, namely: the type of fabric, the ease of self-hanging and removing, the difficulty of keeping it clean and tidy. Practice shows that at the moment heavy curtains, complemented by lush draperies, are recognized as absolutely not practical and are almost not in demand. In contrast, curtains for the bedroom, made from light, easily washable and non-losing types of fabric, have become fashionable. It is this factor that makes it necessary to pay attention to the texture of the curtains and, if possible, order them in the atelier.

Basic rules for choosing curtains for the bedroom

There are several unspoken recommendations to help you make the best purchase in terms of choosing a bedroom window design:

  1. It is recommended to purchase a dense fabric for curtains or ready-made products from it in the form of curtains, curtains, blinds or roll analogues. The main factor is the ability to reduce the intensity of natural light, which can be checked in the store itself. However, it has long been known that constant twilight does not contribute to excellent physical and moral condition, which leads to the need to combine dense fabric with tulle or organza.
  2. It is very important that the curtains have the correct design. In order for the open window not to be empty, it should be curtained with tulle, which additionally guarantees a soft distribution of natural light. It is also worth taking into account the stylistic features of the entire room. So, for example, brocade curtains with brass cornices are suitable for an oriental-style bedroom. But curtains for a bedroom with a lambrequin are more relevant for a room designed in the classic version.
  3. For the bedroom, it is best to choose muted and natural shades that have a calming effect. It is very important that the palette of curtains matches the rest of the textile design of the bedroom.
  4. No need to try to save money and buy artificial fabrics that can cause allergic reactions and “please” with a constant static effect.

Curtains with ecological motifs are in fashion today, namely: a variety of plants, birds, flowers and leaves. It is also worth paying attention to Roman blinds, blinds, lambrequins and jabots.


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