High pile carpet


high pile carpet

High-pile carpets are now a popular fashion novelty in the flooring market. They look quite voluminous, shaggy, soft due to the size of the villi, which can reach a length of 2.5 to 7 cm. The appearance of such a coating suggests comfort and warmth. The finished thread is made in such a way that it looks like curls in the carpet, it acts as a spring and the product always remains lush.

Features of high pile carpets

Materials for the manufacture of such a carpet are used both natural (cotton, wool) and synthetic (viscose, polyester).

Carpet on the floor with a high pile looks expensive and sophisticated. With it, any even the most ordinary room will look like a luxurious apartment. Such a coating will become the central highlight of the design. Carpets with long pile are very soft and pleasant to the touch. It is comfortable to walk on them barefoot, sit, it is cozy even to lie down.

With such a carpet, you can cover the room completely, make it homely and comfortable. An interesting effect is easy to achieve using round, oval carpets with a long pile. You can place several of them indoors.

There are non-standard outlines for carpet products. Outwardly, they may resemble a cozy green lawn, a snow-white cloud. Light products look elegant in the bedroom, living room, children’s room.

It should be noted that such products require special care. Generally, high pile carpet is easy to clean with a specialized carpet cleaner. In the summer it needs to be beaten out and dried on the street, and in the winter it needs to be cleaned in the old-fashioned way with the help of snow. Random stains are easily removed with plain salt.

Walking on a long pile carpet is a real pleasure. It will surely create additional comfort and coziness in any room.


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